The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Review: "Seeing Red"

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The Flash episode called 'Seeing Red' is an interesting episode mainly because we see a different side to some of the characters.

Barry Allen does something I never expected him to do which is why this episode was intriguing for me.

This week's main story is about Team Flash trying to protect many metahuman villains that Cicada wants to kill. Cicada has acquired a hit list so Team Flash has to gather all the villains in order to protect them all.

While this episode started off kind of slow, it picks up near the end.

The most shocking thing that happens at the start of the episode is that Cicada breaks the back of Nora Allen. This injury is what makes Barry Allen so angry for the rest of the episode.

It was surprising to see many of the villains actually obeying Team Flash when they were all rounded up. They trust Team Flash since one of their own saw Cicada killing a metahuman at the very start of the episode.

Mostly everyone is there to help the villains run away from Cicada apart from Joe and Cisco. I'm not sure why Cisco was not in this episode so Ralph Dibny had to help out instead.

I used to hate the character of Ralph Dibny, but now he's growing on me. He's not so annoying now that he's just a side support character and not the actual main character.

The most shocking thing that happened in this week's episode is near the end where The Flash battles Cicada. The Flash wants revenge for Cicada breaking the back of Nora and he nearly kills the strong villain!

The Flash is usually like Batman and has a no killing rule, however he was about to break his own rule because he was so angry at Cicada for hurting his own daughter.

Luckily Nora recovers from her back injury and speeds up to tell Barry Allen not to kill Cicada. As that happens, Cicada runs away while Barry Allen stands there thinking what could have been.

This was the angriest I've seen Barry Allen ever since Season 1 when he was battling the Reverse Flash.

I found it really interesting Barry nearly killed Cicada as it shows us The Flash could become a killer if he's pushed to the edge far enough.

Even though they were unable to arrest Cicada, Team Flash were able to save the rest of the metahumans. They will be safe for the time being until Cicada decides to go on a killing spree again.

This week's side story was mainly about Killer Frost not wanting Caitlin Snow from finding the metahuman cure. Killer Frost goes to extreme lengths in order to destroy any progress.

At the end though, Ralph Dibny explains to Killer Frost that Caitlin will never get rid of her.

Caitlin loves her Killer Frost powers, so this cure is only going to be used for metahumans that want to get rid of their powers.

Anyway, this week's episode of The Flash was really good mainly because we saw a different mean side to Barry Allen. Sure the episode started off really slow at the beginning, but it picked up towards the end.

Verdict: 8.0/10

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