The Flash Season 5 Episode 13 Review: 'Goldfaced'

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The Flash season 5 has been an okay season so far and it's a huge improvement over the boring fourth season from last year.

That being said, these latest episodes in season 5 have been disappointing because we rarely see The Flash suiting up.

'Goldfaced' is yet another episode that Barry Allen is not in his Flash suit for the entire episode.

This is because Barry and Ralph Dibny have to go undercover as they explore a black market where criminals sell illegal weapons to one another.

The head of this black market is an individual named Goldface and he has a lot of men on his side.

Goldface wants Barry, Ralph and his other henchmen to steal some new supplies, although our heroes are reluctant to go through with the plan.

Goldface forces Barry and Ralph to wear anti-metahuman handcuffs so our heroes are powerless at the moment.

However, near the end of the episode we see the two heroes fight off Goldface's men using their stun guns and own fighting prowess.

It's interesting to see Barry and Ralph act like normal human beings using their own abilities to fight off crime.

Still, I would have liked to have seen The Flash make a small appearance, but alas Barry is unable to suit up for the entire episode.

Goldface is an impressive villain and I found him to be more menacing than Amulet Black.

That said, it looks like Goldface might only be appearing in one episode which is a bit of a shame.

I hope he appears in the TV show in the future because I thought he was a good villain for The Flash.

There were two side stories this week on The Flash.

The first side story is interesting mainly because Iris West breaks inside the house of Cicada. The trouble is Cicada sees her and she has to lie through her teeth pretending she's working on a story.

Iris' encounter with Cicada was suspenseful, although anticlimactic towards the end.

This is because Iris finds out Cicada's weak spot which is a mark on his chest. Still, this revelation proves that Team Flash can overpower Cicada once they make the metahuman cure.

The second side story was more humorous because Nora Allen is trying to distract Sherloque by forcing him to have a girlfriend.

As we find out later in the episode, Sherloque has been marrying the same woman on many different Earths numerous times! All of his wives are unhappy at the moment.

Overall, this week's episode of The Flash was entertaining, although it was a little slow due to the lack of comic book style action.

The only entertaining part was near the end when Barry and Ralph had to fight without using their powers.

There was no updates on Nora Allen's relationship with Eobard Thawne this week, but I'm sure we'll find out more details of this pairing in the future episodes to come.

Not to mention Team Flash will fight Cicada again and now they have knowledge of a weak spot.

Verdict: 7.0/10

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