The Flash Season 5 Episode 14 Review: 'Cause And XS'

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Cause and XS may have been one of my favorite episodes of the entire season of The Flash. This is because Nora Allen messes with time because she cannot save a member of Team Flash getting killed by Cicada.

The episode all starts with Barry needing to go in the Speed Force for one hour in order to complete the metahuman cure.

With Barry gone for the entire episode, The Flash is not available to save the city so Nora Allen is the only hero around.

Nora Allen is worried that something will go wrong with Barry away from the city, and her nervous intuitions are correct.

With no Barry around, Cicada is able to kidnap Iris West and it's up to Nora Allen and the others to save her.

With Cisco out on a date with his new girlfriend called Kamilla, the only heroes that can confront Cicada are XS and Killer Frost.

However, things don't to according to plan as Killer Frost is killed by Cicada's dagger. With the death of Killer Frost, XS/Nora goes back in time to try and stop the death from happening again.

As you might guess, the rest of the episode resembles the movie 'Groundhog Day' where Nora Allen relives the same day over and over again.

The scenario is funny because Cisco is failing with his date with Kamilla too and he has to not repeat the same mistakes too.

Even though Nora tells Iris to stay at Star Labs to avoid getting kidnapped by Cicada, Cicada ends up kidnapping other members of Team Flash instead.

No matter how many times Nora Allen tries to fix the past, a member of Team Flash always dies.

The funny part about the episode is that Nora Allen tries to fix the timeline for a total of 52 times! Even though she got over 50 tries, she still cannot prevent a member of Team Flash from dying.

Not to mention at the same time, Cisco is unable to make Kamilla happy too no matter how many times he tries.

To cut a long story short, Nora Allen eventually confesses with the rest of the team that she has been manipulating time and failing to save a member of the team.

In a team effort, Team Flash comes up with one final plan to stop Cicada once and for all before Barry comes back.

Eventually their plan works as Cicada gets wounded by his own dagger and he flies away to retreat.

I still think it's a little cheap how Cicada flies away all of the time, but it's only episode 14 and there's more episodes to go before Season 5 ends.

As for Cisco, he finally succeeds in his date with Kamilla by being himself.

He avoids any stupid advice that was given to him by Ralph Dibny! The end of the episode had a happy ending, although Barry comes back to warn Nora Allen not to mess with time repeatedly.

Anyway, I'm a sucker for time travel storylines and I love the 'Groundhog Day' style of episodes. This may have been my favorite episode of Season 5 so far even though The Flash himself wasn't even featured much.

Sadly, The Flash is on a break for the next few weeks so there will be no more reviews from us. However, we will be back and reviews for Supergirl will still be ongoing.

Verdict: 8.5/10

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