The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Review: 'All Doll'd Up'

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The Flash Season 5 has been really decent so far thanks to the main villain of Cicada keeping things fresh and exciting. The upbeat enthusiasm of Nora Allen has also added to the fun parts of Season 5 so far too.

Sadly though, this week's episode called 'All Doll'd Up' is the weakest episode of The Flash Season 5 thus far.

This is mainly due to the main villain for this week being every underwhelming and a side story that led to nowhere.

Let's talk about the side story first.

It's basically Cisco, Ralph Dibny, Sherloque Wells and Caitlin trying to find where Caitlin's father is.

Cisco's powers are still nerfed thanks to his encounter with Cicada's dagger, but he manages to track down her father by the end of the episode.

It appears as if her father is still alive in the world somewhere, although we don't get to meet him in this week's episode. This story will be revisited in the weeks to come.

Nora Allen is still angry over Iris and what she does to her in the future.

Nora basically hangs out with Cecile all episode long, but Cecile does tell Nora that Iris is still a good person. Nora just hasn't seen the nice side of Iris yet.

The main story is a bad guy called Rag Doll who pretty much contorts his body in weird shapes that allows him to steal some cool stuff.

His real identity is named Peter Merkel and he has a bone to pick with Barry Allen.

The episode does not give us a proper reason why he hates Barry Allen so much, but he surprisingly knocks out Barry from behind and handcuffs him to negate his powers.

Rag Doll ties Barry Allen up and suspends him high on a chair that's on top of a roof of tall building.

With no more Killer Frost around and Cisco also being powerless, the only hero that can save Barry Allen today is Ralph Dibny.

Nora Allen is currently shopping with Cecile and she didn't being her cellphone with her so she's out too!

Ralph Dibny is actually pretty helpful, but Iris West is the true hero of the day.

When Rag Doll knocks Barry over the building, Iris dives head first to uncuff Barry allowing him to use his Flash powers again to land in safety.

Nora is late to the party, but she manages to see how badass her Mom was while saving Barry off of a tall building.

As for Rag Doll, Ralph Dibny apprehends him by covering him with his stretchy body. Rag Doll is never seen again, and I'm glad he's gone because he's been the weakest villain of the entire season so far.

Anyway, it's great to see that Iris and Nora are on speaking terms again so there won't be any more drama involving the two characters. Hopefully their issues are put to bed now that they like each other once again.

Barry looked kind of weak in this week's episode and it's always boring when he rarely gets to use his powers.

I understand The Flash writers want to make the other characters look like heroes, but him not suiting up made this episode quite boring to watch.

The majority of this week's episode featured too much drama in my opinion and the side story involving Caitlin's father did not get interesting until at the very end.

This is all thanks to a lack of action and Rag Doll just being a weak bad guy overall.

The fact that this week's episode also did not feature Cicada also made 'All Doll'd Up' feel slow and mundane compared to the previous episodes.

Let's hope this is just a filler episode and better ones are to feature in the weeks to come.

Overall, this week's episode of The Flash was boring and the worst one of Season 5. That said, it was still more decent than any episode from the horrible fourth season!

Verdict: 6.0/10

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