The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 Review: 'The Death of Vibe'

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I think I've said this several times already, but Season 4 of The Flash was disappointing to me.

Clifford DeVoe was just uninteresting to me as the main bad guy and the show tried to make Ralph Dibny the main character at one point when Barry Allen was in prison.

It wasn't the the storylines that disappointed me, because the goofy humor and tone also didn't mix with me properly.

Thankfully, Season 5 has only been three episodes in and it's already better than the entire arc of Season 4. This is all thanks to Cicada who is both mysterious, but also relatable despite being a killer.

I will say episode 3 'The Death of Vibe' is a solid episode, although it sadly still featured some elements of Season 4 that I hated.

The new Sherlock Holmes version of Harrison Wells for instance is unfunny and they spend too much time on him talking gibberish.

The start of the episode also saw Ralph Dibny go back to his stupid antics, but thankfully it doesn't last very long.

Aside from Sherloque Wells and Ralph Dibny, the majority of this week's episode was pretty solid. We have hints of what might happen in future episodes and the end of the episode teased something

Before I talk about the main plot, this week's side story was also interesting.

Caitlin Snow is still investigating what happened to her father as it's believed he may have faked his own death. She even visits her mother, but she still won't tell her the truth.

At first, Caitlin thinks her father may have committed suicide.

However, her father left some clues for her and it looks like he's still alive and she will have to find him! This storyline will obviously progress as we go deeper into Season 5.

This week's main episode was still strong mainly because Cicada is an excellent villain.

It's great that we actually see Cicada out in the open trying to kill metahumans. It was boring last season when Clifford DeVoe was just hiding in his chair doing nothing.

Cicada is on the hunt to kill all of the metahumans that he can find. This week's target is none other than Vibe (aka Cisco)! Cicada breaks into the home of Joe in order to lure Team Flash out.

Eventually, Team Flash finds out Joe might be in danger since Cecile sends out a distress call on her phone. Vibe arrives and breaches a portal to a forest and that's where he and Cicada end up at.

Trouble pretty much awaits Cisco mainly because Cicada's dagger can negate the powers of metahumans. Even when The Flash arrives to help Cisco, he's still no match for Cicada who is kicking their asses!

Luckily Nora Allen comes to the rescue and devises a last minute plan to save The Flash and Cisco from harm. The episode teases for a small minute that Cisco may have died in an explosion, but he comes back via a breach.

That said, the team have to announce his "death" to the world in order to let Cicada know he's off the hit list! Cicada is wounded in the fight and somehow flies away from danger.

At the end of the episode, we find out that Cicada may have a purpose as to why he wants to kill metahumans.

This is because we see that his daughter is sick in hospital for some reasons. He may feel metahumans are the reasons why his daughter is currently ill.

Sure Cicada is still an evil bad guy, but it gives the character some development. It's almost similar to the storyline in Spider-Man 3 where Sandman steals money for his sick daughter too!

Anyway, aside from a few unfunny moments, 'The Death of Vibe' was another very solid episode of The Flash Season 5.

Cicada looks badass and his motivations for bring a criminal somewhat make sense. Not to mention I love how he's a hands-on bad guy that doesn't have any henchmen to do his dirty work.

A final part of the episode also hints that Nora Allen may have come back in time to change the future.

We don't know what her secret is yet, but Sherloque Wells may have found out. It's entirely possible Nora Allen isn't telling the whole truth on why she came back to the past to see her parents.

Verdict: 7.5/10

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