Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 Review/Recap: Ultra Instinct Goku

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It has been several weeks now, but we are finally able to see the newest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes.

Just a few days before Christmas, Dragon Ball fans get an early present because Goku just turned Ultra Instinct again in this week's episode!

Ultra Instinct is a god-like form that Goku used in the Tournament of Power over on Dragon Ball Super.

This would be the second time Goku uses the form, although he doesn't use it until in the middle of this episode.

At the start of Dragon Ball Heroes episode 6, Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta are still busy fighting Fu. The fight does not last very long because Fu escapes in a portal and Cooler follows him.

With Fu gone, the only evil person left to fight is Cumber. The two Super Saiyan 4 Saiyans have to use their strength in order to hold back a devastating death ball from killing everyone!

At this stage of the episode, Vegeta, Trunks and Mai are still watching while the main Goku is still knocked out from the previous fight.

That is until he decides to randomly wake up and then he's reached the Ultra Instinct form!

The other Goku uses Instant Transmission on the other characters so they escape while the Ultra Instinct Goku stays behind to take care of Cumber.

It looks like the fight is turning into the good guys' favor because Cumber is no match for Goku at the moment.

The fight then reaches its climax when Ultra Instinct Goku uses a huge Kamehameha blast that knocks out Cumber. At this moment, it looks like the fight is over.

The fight may be over, but the overall battle is far from finished.

After the fight, a cyborg looking Zamasu and other mysterious characters appear on the Prison Planet to take back the unconscious Cumber. It looks like Zamasu and these other characters are in cahoots from Fu!

The episode ends on a shocking note as the Prison Planet explodes and Goku was still on the planet himself. It makes us believe that Goku may have died in the explosion, but the episode ends like that!

Episode 6 of Dragon Ball Heroes was indeed very exciting, mainly because it was cool to see Goku's Ultra Instinct form again. Goku vs Cumber was great, even though the fight was shorter than I expected it to be.

The cliffhanger ending is shocking and I'm surprised to see Zamasu again.

It looks like Goku and other others have even more enemies to fight in future episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes. Stay tuned here at Empty Lighthouse Magazine for all the updates!

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