Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Review/Recap: Super Fu Appears

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The Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime is still going as Goku and the gang are still trying their best to beat the huge Saiyan character by the name of Cumber.

They are stuck on this Prison Planet until they can finally beat him for good.

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4 is pretty anti-climactic because we never really get to see a big fight between Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and the ape version of Cumber.

The fight does not really start because Cumber shoots out a blast and Vegito splits apart.

Vegito is now back as Goku and Vegeta as separate beings.

The pair along with Trunks try and do a plan to cut Cumber's tail, but nothing seems to be working anymore. Even though the trio all turn into Super Saiyans, Cumber's ape form is too tough for them to handle.

Goku then turns into Super Saiyan Blue with Kaio-ken to even things up.

Even though it's cool to see the fight becoming good, sadly they are both interrupted by Fu. Fu does not want to see the fighting arena break apart.

Fu somehow uses a sword from the power he gets from the sky to tame Cumber back to his humanoid Saiyan form again.

Fu wants Goku and Cumber to continue fighting. Cooler tries to blast at Fu, but he runs away again.

Everyone is starting to wonder what Fu's actual plan is, but sadly we don't get to find out anymore details. Instead, the episode ends with Goku powering up to the original red Super Saiyan God form to continue the fight.

In all honesty, the Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime is too short for my taste and we've yet to see anything really cool happen in the episodes.

It also does not help that we have to wait several weeks apart in order to see a new episode.

Episode 4 of Dragon Ball Heroes was sadly uneventful as it did not feature many exciting action scenes. Let's hope episode 5 that's coming out a month from today features more actual fighting.

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