Supergirl Season 4 Episode 13 Review: ‘What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?'

Supergirl Season 4 has been kind of slow lately focusing on Alex and her mind being wiped from remembering Kara is Supergirl herself. Well this week's episode is more exciting since both Ben Lockwood and Manchester Black are out of prison.

Even though he's the leader of the Children of Liberty, Ben Lockwood doesn't do much in this week's episode. However, we do find out that he has a powerful ally because the American President approves on what he stands for.

While Ben Lockwood might not be in action, but we do see Manchester Black and he's recruited a powerful alien team calling themselves 'The Elite'.

Their goal is to pretty much kill anybody who is racist against aliens. They also do not follow Supergirl's no kill policy.

What I like about this week's episode is that it shows that Supergirl is fighting two sides.

First there's the Children of Liberty who kill innocent aliens, while on the other hand you have The Elite who are killing humans. Supergirl cannot take a side, although she doesn't want anyone killing each other.

What is cool about this week's episode is that Supergirl recruits her own team she calls the 'Super Friends'. Aside from Brainy and Martian Manhunter, Nia Nal has also joined the fight as Dreamer.

Nia Nal was invited to the Fortress of Solitude by Supergirl and she was told some of the powers that she possesses.

She still has a long way to go until she gets her full powers, but it's always great to see another superhero on the good guy's team.

Another thing I liked about this week's episode is that the drama involving Alex was kept to a minimum. This week's episode was more about Manchester Black and how Supergirl has to stop his potentially dangerous terrorist group.

Another interesting aspect is that we see the USA President isn't a nice man as we initially thought. He made a satellite in secret that is being used to shoot down any alien spacecraft from entering Earth's orbit.

Manchester Black and his gang hijacks the satellite so that it will destroy the White House instead! Thankfully, Supergirl saves the day although it's kind of funny she needed a spacesuit in order to go up in space.

In the comic books, I'm pretty sure both Supergirl and Superman can breathe in space without any help.

While Supergirl and her super friends may have saved the day, Manchester Black and his alien friends manage to escape.

It looks like the good guys will have to stop their crusade for another day. Not to mention the Elite also stole a Legion Ring from Brainy!

Supergirl may have another enemy because it looks like the USA President isn't alien friendly. President Baker never told anyone about Project Claymore and he will have more evil plans up his sleeve.

Anyway, I thought this week's episode was exciting mainly due to Manchester Black and his new friends. They seem like cool villains and they actually have a reason why they have to go out on killing sprees.

That said, the episode wasn't perfect as Ben Lockwood didn't do much. Hopefully we'll see him do more evil stuff as the season progresses.

Another story thread left open is Lena Luthor and Alex not trusting the American government. It will be interesting to see how they can stop their own Government from doing bad things in the near future!

Verdict: 8.0/10

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