Candice Patton Criticizes Lack Of Female Funko Pop Toys Being Made For The Flash

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Funko has announced the first wave of toys it will be releasing based on characters that appear on The Flash TV show on The CW network.

Even though news of the toys is pretty cool to hear, sadly none of the major female characters have their own figures yet. The first four characters revealed so far have only been for the male characters.

The first Funko Pop toys from The Flash TV show are for The Flash, Cisco, Jay Garrick and Kid Flash.

Candice Patton (who plays Iris) called out Funko on her Twitter account demanding some female characters should have their own toys.

She said: "Missed opportunity for some kickass female characters on our show. Next time? Iris, Caitlin, Jesse Quick, Gypsy ,Cecile and Nora".

Funko then responded by saying a Killer Frost toy will be released, but more details will be revealed soon. Killer Frost was to be revealed at NYCC, but they announced her a week early.

Funko then tweeted out the following in response to the lack of female toys: "We hear your demands for more female @CW_TheFlash Pop!s and we WILL pass it on, we promise!"

Aside from The Flash himself and Cisco, it's weird Funko prioritized Jay Garrick and Kid Flash for its first wave of toys.

These two characters are not part of the full-time team as they have only appeared sporadically in the last few seasons.

Hopefully in the near future, Funko releases more figurines that focuses on the female characters from the show. Surely, Pop collectors will appreciate adding more characters to their growing collections.

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