Teen Mom Star Kieffer Delp Was Arrested For Running a Meth Lab

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It looks like another Teen Mom star has been arrested. This time, it's former star Kieffer Delp, an ex-boyfriend of Jenelle Evans.

Although Delp hasn't been on the show for a while, he was brought up on a recent recap episode of Teen Mom 2, called The Ex Files.

In that episode, Jenelle spoke highly about Kieffer Delp, who she thought was sexy. There were rumors that Jenelle's statement got her into hot water with her husband, David Eason.

Delp was arrested during a raid in which SWAT teams entered his basement apartment, after people were complaining about the smell. There were several noxious gasses released during the raid, forcing people living in the area to leave their apartments.

Interestingly enough, Delp had explained that the relationship between him and Jenelle Evans ended because "that bitch crazy." We will have to wait to see what Jenelle will say about Delp now.

Delp is only the latest in a long line of Teen Mom stars who have gotten in trouble for drug-related issues.

Recently, there was a major controversy on Teen Mom OG, after Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout's ex, was seen driving his car while apparently under the influence of some substance.

After that scene, Edwards was sent to rehab, and he only recently got out. His current wife noted that he was spending $10,000 or more in drugs at the height of his addiction.

Delp will be in court On January 23, when he will face charges. It currently appears that Delp was the only one involved in his meth lab; however, the incident is still under investigation.

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