Adam Shows Anger on 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion

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Tonight the girls and guys from 'Teen Mom 2' met for a reunion show with celebrity doctor Dr. Drew and Adam wasn't shy about defending himself for his actions.

All season Chelsea had to deal with Adam's reckless behavior, including getting arrested. Both Dr. Drew and Chelsea (@ChelseaHouska) questioned Adam about his multiple arrests and his lack of effort of being there for their daughter for Aubree. Adam immediately put his guards up and expressed anger in his self-defense responses. Amid dropping plenty of swears he seemed to have an excuse for everything and did not take the criticism from Dr.

Drew well. Adam told Dr.

Drew that he has been turning around, and of course he disagreed but said that time will tell if he is telling the truth. Adam also believed that Chelsea and her dad are colluding against him regarding visitations with Aubree.

Leah's updates were also featured on part one of the two part check-up special. All season Leah (@TM2LeahDawn) battled with Corey over child support payments and custody claims over their daughters. Their daughter Ali's medical condition, muscular dystrophy, made things tricky as Leah struggled to get Corey's help to pay for the added medical costs.

Corey did his best to get custody of the girls, and lawyers were called in and the case was taken to court. Leah is now essentially raising three girls by herself because Jeremy is out working at distant locations most of the time.

Corey claimed that Leah's drug use was worse than what she had told everyone, hence him wanting full support of the girls.

It seems that the best option for the sake of the girls would be for them reach an agreement, and Corey pleaded to Leah for equal and fair custody of their daughters.

Part two of the "Teen Mom 2" check-up special with Dr. Drew airs Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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