Teen Mom 2 Star Chelsea Houska Slams MTV, Says They "Turned Great Moments To S--t"

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Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeBoer is NOT happy with MTV right now.

Although she has been portrayed as the low-drama character this season, she came out today with a series of tweets slamming MTV, and even suggesting that they made up material for the show.

Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2

A theme of this season of Teen Mom 2 has been that Chelsea's daughter Aubree and her newborn are too much for Chelsea to handle. And now, she's considering having another kid.

But Houska strongly rebuts that theme, saying that not only has her daughter been fine, but also that MTV asked her to essentially make up the wanting-a-new-baby storyline in order to increase the drama.

Houska started her remarks by saying that she tries not to call out MTV too often, but she couldn't contain herself after what will air on tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2. She then explained that MTV doesn't show the vast majority of times when Aubree is calm, and things are going smoothly.

Instead, they "turned it into A. Her acting out because of the baby or B. Me ignoring her because of the baby".

Houska also said "Tonight's episode they needed some story line so we agreed to talk about having baby fever so soon."

You know. I've tried my hardest to not say my feelings on this season but after watching tonight's episode and the numerous times they've..

Turned sweet great moments into shit. I can't not say anything. They took this Aubree thing and fucking stretched it as far as they possibly

Could. They took out every time she was being a turd (aka a regular 7 year old) and me correcting her.

And turned it into A. Her acting out because of the baby or B. Me ignoring her because of the baby

This, you guys, is horse shit.

Tonight's episode they needed some story line so we agreed to talk about having baby fever so soon.

The scene I'm talking about they clipped and cut so damn much. And what was actually a great ass time, they cut down to show me snap at aubs

But did not show the 8000000 times she was not listening beforehand. They of course wanted to make it look like I wanted another baby

But was still overwhelmed and having issues with aubree

Aubree is my #1 girl. And she's a 7 year old. When we film she likes to show off and test limits with the crew there. Like a regular 7yr old

I'm so sick of filming great things and cute things and them trying to dig so deep and create something out of nothing by adding dramatic

By adding dramatic music

They tell us to trust them with our story.

MTV has yet to respond.

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