Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10 Review: 'Suspicious Minds'

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Supergirl is now back in 2019 with a new episode called 'Suspicious Minds'.

Now that Agent Liberty is behind bars, Supergirl has a new threat and that's trying to keep her identity hidden from Colonel Haley.

Haley really wants to expose Kara Danvers, but her life will be ruined if everyone knows the truth.

There is no Agent Liberty in this entire episode, so it looks like that story has been resolved as of now.

It seems as if the human supremacist storyline will not be continued, because it looks like Colonel Haley is being advertised as the main threat of the series going forward.

Another character missing on this week's version of Supergirl is the Siberian twin of Kara Danvers. She'll eventually be back, although that might only happen until the latter end of Season 4.

The main theme of this week's episode is the power struggle between Alex Danvers and Colonel Haley from the DEO. Alex knows she has to obey orders, but she never really agrees with any of the decisions that Haley makes. Alex feels Haley is too strict and she's also against her knowing Supergirl's real identity.

Supergirl on the other hand is still fired from her job at the DEO, so she can only do missions in her own time.

Colonel Haley still hates Supergirl getting involved with DEO missions and she wants to control her. She feels knowing her identity will finally make Supergirl obey her orders.

The main story this week is about some new aliens that can hide their visibility called the Morai.

They are similar to the Predators from the Predator movies as they can shimmer and cloak their bodies to hide from most humans.

The only person that can see them is Supergirl because she can use her X-ray vision.

The Morai want revenge on some humans from the Government that used them as soldiers at a young age. The interesting thing to note here is that Colonel Haley was involved in this program too!

The Morai actually kill their targets on two different occasions and now their last target is Colonel Haley from the DEO. The DEO comes up with a plan to use mist, paint ball guns and laser sights to draw out the two remaining Morai alien soldiers.

Again the end of the episode reminded me of a Predator movie as the Morai aliens hide out in the open to prey on their targets.

It's a little sad that Haley tells the DEO to use lethal force, but orders are orders and most of the soldiers have to obey her.

Supergirl eventually comes to save the day, although her life is about to be changed. Haley tells Supergirl she knows she is Kara Danvers and she plans to make her life a living hell.

Before Haley can make anymore threats to Supergirl, Alex knocks her out and puts her inside a prison temporarily. She then asks Martian Manhunter to come by and erase Haley's memory of Supergirl.

I find it weird how Kara's identity still needs to be kept a secret. In my opinion, Kara exposing her identity to the world wouldn't be too catastrophic.

After all, many superheroes from the MCU have exposed their identities and their lives have turned out fine so far. Everyone knows Tony Stark is Iron Man and he's not afraid to keep that a secret.

This episode goes to extreme lengths to prevent ANYONE from knowing the identity of Supergirl.

This even includes Kara's own sister Alex! From this episode forward, Alex herself won't know the identity of Supergirl as they need to make sure nobody from the DEO can expose her.

It's sad to see that Alex had to get her mind wiped, although it had to be done because Haley will never give up. She still wants to know Supergirl's identity even after getting her mind wiped!

There was not much to this week's episode when it comes to the side stories. Lena Luthor just talked to Jimmy Olsen telling him that she has found a way to make normal human beings be like superheroes.

Speaking of superheroes, Brainy takes Nia Nal out on a date and wants to recruit her as a superhero. He even has ideas of her costume already.

I'm looking forward to seeing Nia Nal actually suit up, although we'll have to wait a few more episodes for that to happen. For now, Nia Nal is still just a normal character working at CatCo.

Anyway, this week's episode was above average and sad at the same time.

The action was pretty cool and Haley is a compelling side antagonist. Now we have to wait for a few more weeks before the Siberian Supergirl shows her pretty face.

Verdict: 7.5/10

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