Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7 Review: ‘Rather than The Fallen Angel'

When it comes to being a hero, there are many lines that good guys should never cross.

Sure it's always good to prevent crimes, but most of the time vigilantes should not kill their enemies no matter how evil they are. This week's Supergirl interested me a lot mainly thanks to the actions of Manchester Black.

I'm a big fan of The Flash and Supergirl on The CW and in none of these shows have the good guys crossed the line to kill their enemies.

Barry Allen didn't even kill Reverse Flash and he killed his own mother when he was a kid!

Supergirl herself tries her best to only arrest her enemies as she never kills even her toughest foes. However, this week's episode we see the other side of vigilantism and Manchester Black is an anti-hero.

The thing that made me excited about this week's episode is because there hasn't been a character as angry and determined as Manchester Black in Supergirl before.

He's the opposite of Batman because he kills a lot of the members from the Children of Liberty showing no sympathy whatsoever.

While I don't agree with him killing all of the men he's shot so far, you can kind of understand why he's doing this.

The love of his life named Fiona died because of the Children of Liberty and he wants revenge on Agent Liberty himself.

Another surprising thing to happen in this episode is that Supergirl is naive over Manchester Black's crimes. The DEO even know men from the Children of Liberty went 'missing', but even they still don't know of Manchester Black's actions.

Manchester Black even betrays Supergirl in this week's episode because he lets the Children of Liberty kidnap her and negate her superpowers.

Jimmy Olsen is also with the Children of Liberty and he's about to blow up a statue with a weakened Supergirl inside.

Manchester Black though knows not to trust the Children of Liberty and he kills even more of them. He still needs to find Ben Lockwood (Agent Liberty) himself, although he doesn't get a chance to meet him just yet.

As this is all happening, Jimmy Olsen sees Supergirl trapped inside the statue while he uses her laser eyes to attract him.

Jimmy Olsen decides not to destroy the statue and he fights back against the members of the Children of Liberty.

Thankfully, the good guys all survive at the end of the episode, although Manchester Black is not finished.

Even J'onn J'onzz did not foresee Manchester Black falling to the dark side and being on a killing spree. Manchester Black is slowly getting closer to killing Ben Lockwood, but we won't find out more details until a future episode.

The only side story this week was Lena Luthor doing human trials on the Harun-El space rock.

She trials it on a young man named Adam, but the trial doesn't end well. Adam died during the experiment, although Lena Luthor is getting closer in making the test successful.

Anyway, I thought this week's episode of Supergirl was awesome thanks to it exploring more about the Manchester Black character. It shows that heroes aren't always noble and some of them can become just as bad as their own enemies.

It will be interesting to see how Supergirl will try and stop Manchester Black and his vigilantism. It does not look like he will stop his killing spree until Agent Liberty himself is dead!

Verdict: 8.0/10

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