Supergirl Season 4 Episode 8 Review: ‘Bunker Hill’

For the past few weeks, the Supergirl TV show introduced us to the new transgender character named Nia Nal played by Nicole Maines.

While the character appeared on the show several times before, this week's episode we finally find out more about her past and the abilities that she possesses.

We find out this week that Nia Nal isn't human after all because she is an alien that has premonitions.

Her premonitions appear as dreams and they are telling her of what might happen to certain people in the near future.

Her dreams are frightening because she sees a woman with a gun and many people inside of an abandoned factory. Brainy tells her that her dreams could become real, although she can always change what happens in them.

Kara is a little mean to Nia Nal though because she does not want to tell her that she's secretly Supergirl.

Instead, Kara comes up with a risky plan that ends up getting herself, Brainy and Nia Nal all kidnapped by the Children of Liberty.

I know Kara is Supergirl and can easily break out of handcuffs, but I was surprised she put the lives of both Brainy and Nia Nal at risk with her hasty plan.

Well the plan works because in the abandoned factory that are in, they find out that Ben Lockwood is Agent Liberty!

Speaking of Agent Liberty, Ben Lockwood has his own problems because Manchester Black is inside of his house and threatens him and his wife's life. Manchester Black wants revenge since Agent Liberty killed the love of his life named Fiona.

His methods may be ruthless, but I have been admiring Manchester Black's storyline so far.

Sure he's a killer, but he's been getting results far quicker than Supergirl and the others since he found out Ben Lockwood was Agent Liberty first.

While I don't approve Manchester Black's threats to kill Ben Lockwood's wife, I do like how we finally have a character in Supergirl that doesn't play by the rules all of the time.

Manchester Black is an anti-hero and is unlike any other character we have seen in the Arrowverse.

Manchester Black could have killed Ben Lockwood several times in this episode, but he continually gets interrupted by J'onn J'onzz telling him not to be a murderer.

This is easier said than done of course because Manchster Black has already killed several members of the Children of Liberty.

The rest of the episode becomes a tug of war because you have Supergirl and Nia Nal also trying to stop Manchester Black from killing Ben Lockwood as well.

They feel Manchester Black should not stoop to Agent Liberty's level and that taking Lockwood to jail alive is the best course of action.

The climax of this week's episode was exciting because you have all of these characters that want to stop Agent Liberty including his own wife present all in one location.

Ben Lockwood's wife doesn't approve of her husband's terrorist actions either so everyone ends up in the abandoned factory.

Manchester Black nearly threatens to kill Ben Lockwood and his wife, but they are saved by both Supergirl and Nia Nal.

That said, they cannot let Ben Lockwood go so luckily Supergirl is able to power out and stop everyone from killing each other.

What I find disappointing about this week's episode of Supergirl is how everything just ended in a cliffhanger.

Both Manchester Black and Ben Lockwood are in prison at the end of the episode meaning their roles might be severely limited when the show returns next year.

I'm hoping Manchester Black still has a big part in the series because he's been my favorite character in Supergirl all season long.

As for Ben Lockwood, he still has many supporters even though the world now knows he's Agent Liberty. Even Lockwood's wife changes her tune and starts supporting her husband's fight against aliens.

With Agent Liberty's identity uncovered, President Baker demands that Supergirl should also reveal her real identity too.

Supergirl refuses to give up her secret because she's scared revealing her identity to the world will make life unsafe for her friends and family members.

Since Supergirl refuses to cooperate with the President of the USA, President Baker fires Supergirl from the DEO. I did not see this coming, although Supergirl can still be a vigilante on her own. We'll have to find out more when Season 4 continues into the new year.

This week's episode felt like the last episode of the year since next week is the big Elseworlds crossover where Supergirl joins both Arrow and The Flash.

While 'Bunker Hill' was an exciting episode that featured good storytelling, I'm a little disappointed things ended so abruptly. Seeing Manchester Black get arrested is a bit of a bummer because I was enjoying Black's anti-hero crusade.

On the flip-side of that though, it's cool to see Ben Lockwood is in jail now.

That said, this should not be the last we see of the character because his many supporters are still out there protesting for his freedom!

Verdict: 8.5/10

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