Supergirl Season 4 Episode 3 Review: ‘Man of Steel'

Even though this week's episode of Supergirl is called 'Man of Steel', the episode has nothing to do with Superman who is appearing later in the season. No, this episode is about the origins of the Agent Liberty bad guy.

This episode features many flashbacks since Supergirl herself is in pain after the Earth was injected by a lethal dose of Kryptonite.

While she's on a hospital bed trying to recover, the episode takes a look at Agent Liberty and the reasons why he's so xenophobic.

It appears as if this episode is trying to make us feel sympathetic for Agent Liberty, but it's hard to root for a murderer who is also racist to aliens.

Sure his origin story is interesting to watch, but I don't think this was a good episode because it's trying to make the villain look like a good guy.

For example, Agent Liberty was a hard working university professor named Ben Lockwood that loved all beings including aliens. It was his father that was the original racist and xenophobic one.

Things started to turn sour when the invading Daxamites came to Earth and tried to take over the world.

The story is similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Ben Lockwood is like Bruce Wayne seeing all of the destruction that has been caused by an alien invasion.

One of the first things that annoy him is when Martian Manhunter and a Daxamite ruin his house while they are fighting. This angers him and he starts to hate aliens just like his father.

His xenophobia affects his job at the University because he gets fired for spreading his hate towards aliens during lectures.

The final straw comes when his dad dies during another alien invasion so this makes him hate aliens even more than before.

One of the first heinous crimes he does is burn down a factory killing all of the aliens that were there.

Again, I'm not sure what this episode is trying to show because it's hard to feel sympathetic when the villain is as hate filled and angry like Ben Lockwood.

Ben Lockwood finally becomes Agent Liberty with his mask and all thanks to Mercy Graves recruiting him. Mercy Graves and Ben Lockwood both have a strong hate for aliens which is what Season 4 of Supergirl is all about.

The episode ends in the present day where Lena Luthor comes to aid Supergirl while the others find out a way to get rid of the Kryptonite out of the atmosphere.

As for Agent Liberty and the Graves siblings, they are going to find a plan to infiltrate the DEO!

With all that being said, I'm not sure how I really feel watching this episode.

It's as if the show writers want us to feel sorry for Agent Liberty. That's kind of hard to achieve since the character is both a murderer and very xenophobic.

Hopefully next week we get an episode where Supergirl is actually in the episode. It felt a bit weird for this week's episode to be all about the bad guy instead.

Verdict: 6.0/10

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