Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5 Review: ‘Parasite Lost'

Supergirl the character herself was mostly out of commission in the previous episodes due to the atmosphere being tainted with Kryptonite.

Sadly in this week's episode, she still isn't able to fight at full capacity thanks to Jensen having the parasite power inside of him.

With this new power, Jensen can kill and steal the powers of anyone he touches.

Even though he only touched Supergirl for a few seconds, this was enough to make her weak prompting Alex to not use Kara in dangerous missions.

Instead, Kara used her journalistic abilities this week to try and contain humans' fears against aliens living on Earth.

I still think the show killing off Mercy and Otis Graves so early in the season ruined the villain team. Jensen just isn't as cool as they were and he's boring as a villain in this week's episode.

Sure Jensen can shoot fire and can shape-shift, but he isn't as smart as Mercy Graves was. Not to mention Agent Liberty himself takes a backseat because he does not want people to know his true identity of Ben Lockwood.

An interesting side story though is that Ben Lockwood wants to recruit Jimmy Olsen thanks to his vigilante work as Guardian.

In Lockwood's mind, he feels people will be much safer knowing a human being is saving their lives instead of aliens like Supergirl and Superman flying around.

It looks like Ben Lockwood wants to team up with Guardian, although this partnership does not become official yet.

It will be interesting to see what Jimmy Olsen does in this scenario since Ben Lockwood is one person he should not be doing business with.

Another side story that pops up is Alex trying her best to get on the good side of Colonel Haley.

Colonel Haley is stiff and stern, although Alex still trusts her judgment. She reminds me of Amanda Waller who is another DC character that people might know from Suicide Squad.

In terms of Kara's story this week, she wants to write a happy editorial for CatCo that celebrates the abilities of an alien healer named Amadei Derros.

He can heal any aliens with disabilities, and he hopes he can eventually learn how to heal humans as well.

By getting this story out to the media, Kara hopes this piece should make humans love aliens again knowing there's someone out there that is peaceful and non-hostile.

However, this proves to be a bad decision because someone steals Amadei's amulet and he's weak and powerless now.

To cut a long story short, Amadei's former wife gave the amulet to Jensen since she claims Amadei broke her heart. She hated him so much, she even never told her daughter that Amadei was her real life alien father.

With the amulet out with Jensen, the DEO and Supergirl have to try their best to apprehend him. This is easier said than done since Jensen continues to gain new abilities by killing every alien he touches.

Thankfully the DEO corners Jensen inside of a Star Wars like dome so he cannot escape. However, the problem is now getting Jensen to surrender and making sure no humans are killed in the process.

Alex has a cool gun that can kill Jensen, but she does not use it at full capacity because it could kill everyone inside of the dome.

Supergirl tries her best to fight Jensen, but she does a better job of rescuing all of the humans in the crossfire instead.

At the end though, Jensen chooses to surrender thanks to Alex negotiating with him. Even though he gives up the amulet, Jensen sadly dies and tells them that they cannot stop "him" (i.e Agent Liberty).

With the amulet back with Amadei Derros, Kara can still write her fluff piece about the alien in hopes it will unite both humans and aliens alike.

While this seems like a good plan, there will ALWAYS be humans out there that will hate anything about the aliens.

Overall, this week's episode of Supergirl was pretty good even though it felt a little slow at the beginning.

I still think killing off Mercy Graves was a bad decision because she was by far the best villain in Season 4. Even Agent Liberty/Ben Lockwood himself is not as cool as Mercy was.

That said, I found it very interesting that Ben Lockwood wants to now work alongside Guardian/Jimmy Olsen. This will be a very weird partnership that will probably fizzle out once Olsen knows of Lockwood's true intentions.

The Supergirl clone isn't featured in this week's episode, so we still have to wait and see what that's all about.

Hopefully next week's episode is still exciting because every villain seems to be dying lately. Maybe Ben Lockwood will be able to recruit even more followers to his cause?

As for Supergirl/Kara, I like her enthusiasm and the way she just wants humans and alien to live together in peace.

Her mission is easier said than done though because humans will always be prejudice and judgmental to people that don't look the same as them.

Verdict: 7.0/10

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