Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2 Review: ‘Fallout'

I was worried about Supergirl Season 4 initially because Season 3 didn't end the way I was hoping. Thankfully, the first two episodes of Season 4 have been great as there's a new theme going on that is keeping me captivated.

One of the reasons Season 4 is so interesting to me is that it covers the theme of racism and discrimination.

As you might know, there are several aliens on the show and not everyone is receptive of them living among humans.

When it's revealed that President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter) herself is an alien, she is forced to resign because aliens from another planet are not legally allowed to be in charge of the USA. This causes a rift among humans as some of them protect aliens, while another large group hates their presence.

Since Supergirl herself is an alien, she is hoping to bring the two sides together so that everyone on Earth feels welcome. Her ideology is shared by CatCo run by Jimmy Olsen and many of her peers in the DEO.

Another person that supports alien rights is Nia Nal who also works at CatCo..

It is revealed in this episode that Nia is a transgender woman and she protects Brainy from being assaulted at a pizza place after he's exposed to be an alien.

I have a feeling Brainy and Nia may have a deeper relationship as we head later in the season, but as of now they have just met.

I appreciate Supergirl covering themes such as racism and discrimination because this is a real life issue that is sadly still happening in today's world.

This episode also reveals to us that Agent Liberty runs a type of cult similar to the KKK that just wants to get rid of aliens once and for all.

He and his supporters feel that aliens are "stealing jobs" and that they should go back and live on their own planets.

This theme is very realistic as there are still a number of American citizens that don't like people from different countries living in the USA.

Agent Liberty does not work alone because Mercy Graves and her brother Otis Graves have been working for him.

Mercy Graves is such a cool villain because she even goes to L-Corp to take on Lena Luthor in an interesting battle.

Mercy Graves pursuing Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers inside L-Corp is probably my favorite moment from this week's episode.

This is because Kara was not allowed to transform as Supergirl so she had to stay as Kara to hide her true identity from Lena Luthor.

When Mercy Graves catches up to Lena Luthor, they both have a cool fight with one another using some Iron Man like gloves. The fight was short, but the special effects were kind of cool.

While Lena was occupied with Mercy, Kara is able to turn into Supergirl and stops Mercy ASAP. Mercy Graves does not stay at the DEO's jail for too long though, because she and her brother escape thanks to a traitor inside the DEO.

As for what is going to happen in future episodes, we just have to wait and find out.

This week's cliffhanger ends with the Graves siblings unleashing a special bomb that spreads out Kryptonite all over the Earth. Supergirl is flying, but then she suddenly drops down after getting exposed to the Kryptonite!

Supergirl will obviously survive the fall, but this could mean Kara will be without her powers at the start of next week's episode. It will be interesting to see if Kara can still stop the terrorists without her super powers.

This week's episode did not feature the Siberian Supergirl character, so that's something we will have to see in later episodes. Hopefully this will eventually lead to a Supergirl vs Supergirl fight.

For now, the good guys have to concentrate on Agent Liberty and his dangerous cult of humans that hate aliens.

We don't know the identity of Agent Liberty yet, but he could be a character that feels threatened by the presence of aliens on Earth!

Anyway, Season 4 of Supergirl has been pretty exciting as it has cut back on relationship drama and is tacking better social issues.

Not to mention the villains are far better this time around unlike Reign who did not do much for the majority of last season.

Verdict: 8.0/10

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