Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6 Review: ‘Call to Action'

Supergirl is still rolling this week as the show tackles racism and xenophobia. Things aren't that much easier for the good guys as they still have to face the hate group known as the 'Children of Liberty'.

Supergirl starts off this week with some horrible Children of Liberty members trying to attack an innocent alien couple.

Luckily the pair gets saved by Manchester Black and Supergirl. However, the Children of Liberty are still spreading their hatred ideology and they are always looking for new members.

As for the good guys, Colonel Haley is still pretty much the head of the DEO and she doesn’t want Supergirl and Alex acting out on their own.

They disobey her orders though because they feel their investigation will help people whose is in need of help.

Jimmy Olsen kind of acts out of character this week because he wants to meet Agent Liberty himself.

Since he’s a journalist, he wants to know both sides of the story instead of doing a one-sided debate. Lena Luthor does not like where this is going though and their relationship may be in jeopardy because of it.

There is supposed to be a TV debate where the media are discussing the xenophobia towards aliens. Kara agrees to do the media panel while Jimmy Olsen goes ahead and meets up with members of the Children of Liberty.

The TV debate is with none other than Ben Lockwood. Kara does not know he’s Agent Liberty yet though.

Ben Lockwood is arguing that aliens are hostile and that they should leave planet Earth. Kara on the other hand wants to protect the rights of aliens as she feels they deserve to live here.

As the episode goes on, the good guys eventually find out that the Children of Liberty have marked many houses in the city and will go on to attack them late at night.

The Children of Liberty members are nothing more than violent fools spreading hate crimes everywhere.

However, only some members of the cult are out on the streets creating havoc. Agent Liberty himself is still at home having Thanksgiving dinner with his own family.

Jimmy Olsen, Manchester Black and Supergirl and Alex all do their own ways of justice. Jimmy Olsen doesn’t do much other than stop the guy he was talking to before.

On the other hand, Manchester Black shoots a gun at a group of Children of Liberty members. His methods may not have been entirely legal...

The weirdest part of the episode happens near the end.

Some attackers are beating up an alien, but the alien's pet lizard turns into a giant dragon that breathes out fire. The CGI on the big dragon looks pretty poor and I felt it was out of place.

Supergirl uses freeze breath to try and calm down the high flying.

The dragon’s owner tells Supergirl not to hurt the dragon because he was protecting their family. The dragon eventually goes back to normal size while the attacks on aliens have temporarily been stopped.

Another scene that seemed out of place was much earlier in the episode where Brainy takes out a lot of Liberty members without touching anyone.

It was probably my favorite scene of the entire episode and I hope Brainy gets more field assignments in future episodes.

This week’s episode didn’t really add much to the overall main story, but it was interesting to see the final CGI battle. It reminded me more of an episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow instead.

'Call to Action' still tackles sensitive topics and it's good shows like this are taking a stand on racism and bigotry.

That said, the CGI ending felt too unrealistic for my taste as I preferred the more grounded terror attacks that Mercy Graves and her brother did in previous episodes.

This week's episode also does not give us any more details about the Supergirl clone that's still out there in the world. We probably won't get more info about her until much later in the season.

For now, Supergirl and the good guys have to continue their hunt for the real Agent Liberty in order to make National City a safe place again for both humans and aliens alike.

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