NZ Actor Cliff Curtis Not Interested In Starring In James Bond 25 As A Villain

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A casting call was leaked earlier this year for James Bond 25 showcasing that director Danny Boyle is interested in casting a Maori actor to play a villainous henchman in the new movie.

Well it sounds like veteran New Zealand actor, Cliff Curtis, is not interested in taking the role.

Cliff Curtis recently talked with Maori Television (via Stuff NZ) and he says he wants the role to be filled by someone else new.

After all, Cliff Curtis has already starred in many Hollywood films such as the recently released shark movie The Meg.

You can read his comments about James Bond 25 posted down below. It sounds like he wants a younger actor to fill the role.

"I like the idea that there's a lot of new talent coming through. There's so many I wouldn't want to limit the opportunities. And there's plenty of space for everybody to have their turn, eh. As our rangatira Santana once said, 'the world is round so everyone can have centre stage"

The James Bond 25 casting agents want a male Maori actor between the ages of 35 to 55 to play the new character in the film. Cliff Curtis and Temuera Morrison are being ruled out since they are already established actors in Hollywood.

A favorite to fill the role instead is Arrow star Manu Bennett who played the role of Deathstroke. He fits the bill because he's the right age and he also has stunt work experience in action TV shows and films.

James Bond 25 is coming out late 2019 so we should know of casting details very soon. The movie is being directed by Danny Boyle and it's expected to be Daniel Craig's last movie starring as James Bond.

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