John Cena Could Be Teasing He's The Next Captain America

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It goes without saying that many people know that Chris Evans will be leaving the MCU very soon after being cast in the role as Captain America since 2011. Speculation is now high guessing who could be his replacement.

In the comic books, the mantle of Captain America was overtaken by both Falcon and Winter Soldier just to name a few.

However, a newer character could rise up and play Captain America if this recent tease ends up being true.

Actor and professional wrestler, John Cena, has teased fans around the world that he might be the next Captain America. All he did was post on his Instagram account Captain America's shield with no comment.

Many people believe he's teasing to be the next Captain America after Chris Evans will be dropping the role after Avengers 4.

This could be a strong possibility, although it's unlikely Disney and Marvel will make announcement on that until after Avengers 4 comes out in May 2019.

John Cena usually posts random and cryptic messages on his Instagram account so this recent tease could mean nothing at all. Still, many people believe John Cena has the right shape and look to be the next Captain America.

It was speculated in the past that Cena could have been DC's Shazam a few months ago. That is not possible now with Zachary Levi donning the red suit and cape in the Shazam movie.

Cena is starting to become a bigger name in Hollywood now following in the footsteps of other professional wrestlers like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Dave Bautista.

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