John Cena Talks About His New Movie 'Blockers' And More On The Ellen Show

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WWE Superstar John Cena was recently featured as a guest on The Ellen Show to both promote his new comedy movie called 'Blockers' and the upcoming WrestleMania 34 event.

Not only did he talk about his recent projects, but he also gave us more details about his personal life with his real life girlfriend Nikki Bella.

As you might know already, John Cena is starring in a new comedy called 'Blockers' where he plays a parent that does not want his daughter having sex on prom night.

Ellen says Cena is very funny in the movie and he's managed to find his comedic chop in the genre.

Aside from promoting Blockers, Ellen also asked him about this personal life with girlfriend Nikki Bella and Cena was quite honest about it.

Nikki Bella did not know he had a nude scene in the comedy called Trainwreck and she was upset towards Cena for that scene.

Cena had a big discussion with Nikki about it and now he says he has to warn her about any other future movies that he may have to get nude in.

Judging by his choices of starring in raunchy comedies, he might have to go nude more times in the near future.

Another thing Cena talked about is the way he proposed to Nikki last year at WrestleMania 33. He said it was not staged for TV and it was a genuine proposal and Nikki herself did not know about it. 

The only thing Cena was scared about was the audience reaction mainly because they are passionate and vocal fans. He was afraid the crowd would chant that Nikki Bella should say "no" to marry him. 

Thankfully for Cena, the crowd was receptive to the proposal and the pair is still engaged. That said, there is currently still no wedding date set but it might happen sometime in the near future. 

Ellen then presented both Cena and Nikki Bella with their own prom surprise later on in the show. You can check out the two videos from Ellen posted down below. 

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