John Cena Talks About Possibly Being Duke Nukem In A Future Film

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Duke Nukem is one of the most entertaining video game characters of all time, despite the fact that his games may not have been always the best ones.

That said, a film version of the franchise is in the works and John Cena is the name that has been attached to it so far.

In a new interview with Screen Rant, John Cena revealed that he is honored to be a attached to star in the Duke Nukem movie although he has not officially signed on for the project yet.

You can read his comments on the matter down below.

 "I think that’s the direct attachment and I’m very honored to be attached to that but that is a very fragile franchise. That was one that was very timeline specific, that is 1990s to the hilt. So, once again, it reflects upon story. The story has to come in dead-on balls, man. Like it has to come in told correct, told in a palatable sense for this generation, which you’re walking on eggshells…you can’t not be Duke Nukem, but you can’t make the wrong move…so I’m…what a blessing to be attached to that, a name like that, and I just hope development does the franchise justice."

It sounds like John Cena will only do the role if the script is good and if the story can be updated for modern day times.

After all, many of the humor that featured in the original video games were reminiscent of the '90s and may not hold up with today's audience.

Duke Nukem Forever came out in 2011 and many game reviewers noted the game had outdated jokes even back then.

If Duke Nukem were to appear again in 2018 or the future, whoever is writing the film needs to make it more modern and hip for kids of today.

For now, Cena wants to be big in Hollywood much like other WWE Superstars such as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Dave Bautista.

I don't blame Cena for being a bit cautious taking on the role of Duke Nukem because that's a film that could ruin his movie career if it turns out really bad.

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