John Cena And Jackie Chan Are Teaming Up For A Movie

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John Cena is slowly becoming a more famous movie star with him now just working as a WWE Superstar part time.

His roles are continuing to grow because it has now been revealed the professional wrestler will now tag-team with martial arts legend Jackie Chan in a new movie.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Jackie Chan and John Cena are set to star in a new action thriller directed by Need for Speed's Scott Waugh. A synopsis for the film has been posted down below.

"The movie centers on a Chinese private security contractor (Chan) who is called in to extract the oil workers when a China-run oil refinery in the Middle East is attacked. When he learns that the attackers’ real plan is to steal a fortune in oil, he teams up with an American — a former Marine played by John Cena — to stop them."

This will be the first time that the pair will be working together on any project.

Sylvester Stallone was originally attached to star in the movie, but for some reason he pulled out so John Cena was named as his replacement.

Movie goers will soon become more familiar with John Cena because he will star in many other action movies being released in the future.

He will be seen in Bumblebee out later this year and also The Jason Directive produced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Jackie Chan is 64 years old, but he's still making many action movies at his old age. This new film has no name yet, but we're sure to know more details about it in the coming months.

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