Reasons Why John Cena And Daniel Bryan Aren't At WWE Crown Jewel

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Crown Jewel has got to be one of the most controversial events in WWE history, but the company is still going to Saudi Arabia as planned.

Even though most of the male roster is going, big stars such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan are sitting this one out.

According to wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, one of the reasons why John Cena isn't going is because of his current Hollywood career.

Cena feels he may hurt his chances in Hollywood if he goes to the controversial country of Saudi Arabia - especially after the murder of an American journalist.

Casting directors in Hollywood are very picky so any small PR incident that is seen as negative won't look good on Cena's resume.

By not appearing at the show at all, Cena should still be in the good side of Hollywood.

This is similar to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in 2007 after the horrible Chris Benoit tragedy.

The wrestling industry as a whole was being blasted by the mainstream media so anyone associated with WWE at the time was seen in a negative light.

At the time of the tragedy, Dwayne Johnson briefly dropped 'The Rock' nickname and didn't want to talk about wrestling in his interviews.

Johnson eventually returned 'The Rock' nickname and is happy to talk about his WWE past in interviews now.

It's also speculated The Rock didn't appear at the Smackdown 1000 show due to WWE's ties with Saudi Arabia. This didn't stop Dave Bautista though who still came to the show with Evolution.

As for Daniel Bryan, the reason he's not going is because he dislikes what he has learnt about Saudi Arabia.

He was against the country's treatment towards homosexuals and not allowing Sami Zayn and women appearing on the show among other things.

Daniel Bryan instead wrestled on Smackdown Live losing to AJ Styles. The match at Crown Jewel will reportedly now be AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe this Friday.

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