Jeremy Renner Turned Down A Role In Mission: Impossible - Fallout

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Jeremy Renner's character was supposed to have been in a brief role in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

Many fans thought he was not in the film due to his commitments filming the Avengers movies. However, now it has been revealed he actually turned down an appearance in the movie.

Empire had a chance to speak with director, Christopher McQuarrie, and he revealed that Jeremy Renner did not want to be in the movie due to what happens to his character.

You can read the director's comments on the matter posted down below. Bear in mind, spoilers for the new movie are talked about!

"Hey listen, I have this idea for an opening sequence where you sacrifice yourself to save the team, and that the mission-gone-wrong not only involves losing the plutonium, but involves the death of a team member."

Jeremy Renner turned the role down mainly because his character would have been killed off.

Christopher McQuarrie said he did not want to kill off any other members of the team so the starting sequence in the film was slightly changed where nobody dies.

Christopher McQuarrie says he respects Renner's decision as it would have just been a short paycheck for only three days of work.

With Renner's character not dead, this opens up a door for him to appear in any potential future sequels.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is out now in cinemas worldwide. It's worth watching if you love action movies as it's an exciting ride from start to finish.

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