You Won't Believe What Rowan Blanchard's Next Career Move Post 'Girl Meets World' Is

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Among the many interesting nuggets about Rowan Blanchard in the New York Times article of October 12, is something that we predicted -- but somehow didn't really expect: Rowan Blanchard is writing a book.

The New York Times featured Rowan earlier in the month, with a large article about her work and her personal interests.

It discussed her advocacy campaigns, her on screen work, and a lot about her personal life. But it was very light on one subject: Rowan's future post Girl Meets World.

Rowan Blanchard Writes a Book

The one super-interesting thing it did say, however, was this:

The feedback loop of social media can seep into real life. "I found myself not being able to put something in my diary without thinking, 'Maybe if this is good enough, I'll publish it,'" Ms. Blanchard said. She knows this is not ideal. "This is my diary!" she said, explaining that she hates the feeling that everything she does is for an audience. Yet she is writing a book for Penguin Young Readers that will, in fact, include some of her diary entries.

That's right, Rowan Blanchard is writing a book for Penguin Young Readers.

In a previous article, we speculated that Rowan was writing something. Earlier in the year, Rowan wrote a Twitter post saying that she has a secret project but not revealing what it was. At the time, we wrote:

So if it's not a Girl Meets World season 4 that Rowan Blanchard was teasing, what is it?

Well, we have one clue: there were two people who responded to Rowan Blanchard and clearly know what she is referring to. Those two people are Safy-Hallan Farah and Sarah Hagi. Neither of these two young women has anything to do with Girl Meets World, but they are connected to one of Rowan Blanchard's other passions: writing.


The book idea definitely has merits; however, we think it's more likely that Rowan is becoming a contributor or columnist in the magazine. Both of the women congratulating her were connected to Paper, and one is an editor. Either way, the "thing" would be some sort of writing agreement/deal/contract.

Well, now it's clear that this was a book.

Rowan Blanchard's Book: What Will It Be About?

So what will the book be about? The New York Times article gives very little information, aside from saying that it will include Rowan Blanchard's diary entries.

Given that Penguin Young Readers mostly publishes books for young children as opposed to teenagers (there's a separate Penguin Teen division for teenagers), we don't suspect that the book will be about the topics Rowan has discussed before -- such as her bout with depression or identifying as "queer".

We think the book will be fiction, and it will be targeted toward grade-school children.

Still, it will be a while before more information is released about Rowan's book -- we'll keep you up to date on what happens with it.

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