Girl Meets World Debuts To Mixed Reviews

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When Boy Meet World first aired back in the 90's, the show didn't really catch fire until season 2, when the chemistry of the actors started to come through. Let's hope it's the same situation for the Disney rebootGirl Meets World.

Now a lot has changed since Boy Meets World and the majority of the first watchers of Girl Meets World are in their late 20's or early 30's. So that generation watching a Disney Channel series won't generally go over well. The crucial part for Girl Meets World is the nostalgia of the old series, which they did use heavily in the debut episode.

They laid out the 2 best friends, the love interest and even showed Mr. Feeny at the very end.

The love interest is a bit bothersome. Boy Meets World eased into things heavily with the Cory/Topanga story-line. Girl Meets World dives in head first and has a ton of flirtation within minutes of the opening scene. The 'Shawn' of the show is Rileys best friend Maya who is trying way too hard to be the rebel. The bottom line for this show is that the concept of Boy Meets World has been incredibly Disney Channeled. In other words, it feels like every other show on Disney Channel right now.

Tough to watch. They also introduced a new 'Minkis' named 'Farkle', which provided the only substantial comedic relief. Turns out in the preview, he is actually Minkus' son...

shocker. The good news is Cory as the teacher, hopefully that will be one of the saving graces.

If it wasn't for the Boy Meets World elements, this one would be a major flop. On the other-hand, it's Disney Channel and it was only the first episode. We'll give it a few more episodes to make a final judgement.

The reality is, this show isn't for us 20-somethings, it's for kids. By the way, how good did Mr. Feeny look? For 87 years old, he looks amazing!

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