Latest Update: Has Disney's 'Girl Meets World' Been Cancelled?

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A rumor has been going around this week that the remake series of the classic hit 'Boy Meets World' could be on its last season, but is it?

The rumor began after recent ratings numbers showed a dramatic decline in viewership. The show, which began with a .6 Nielsen rating, has recently been hovering around the .4 mark. The bad ratings news was followed by the leak of photos showing the show's cast crying on set.

Update July 29, 2016: Disney responds to the rumors. See 'Girl Meets World' Cancellation: Disney Responds

Today, GMW star Rowan Blanchard added further fuel to the rumor by posting this comment online:

And August Maturo, who plays her little brother on the show, posted this to his instagram:

We just taped the finale of #GirlMeetsWorld and this is what the audience had to say

A video posted by August Maturo (@augustmaturo) on

But Is It Really Cancelled?

Different sources offer differing details. The International Business Times claims that Disney released an official statement denying the cancellation; however, the source they cite is a GMW fan website, not something put out by Disney.

The producers for 'Girl Meets World,' meanwhile, have posted several cryptic messages on their Twitter account, including these:

There have been rumors regarding the show's cancellation in the past. In fact, after every season, there has been some murmuring suggesting Disney would be cancelling the show for low ratings.

Aside from Blanchard and Maturo, none of the GMW cast members have made any comment on the current cancellation rumor.

But several cast members have become involved in other ventures. Sabrina Carpenter will be releasing a new music album, On Purpose, in a few days, and Rider Strong is busy promoting his new movie, 'Too Late.'

So who is to be believed? We don't know for sure yet. But if you do want to see the show continue, get involved by tweeting the hashtag #GMWSeason4WeNeedMore and telling Disney why you love the show.

Update: July 29, 2016

Disney plans to make an official announcement regarding the fate of the show at the end of the year. For those fans hoping to save the show, the GMW writers have some advice:

Update: July 31, 2016

The actor who plays Joshua Matthews on the show posted the following message on Twitter: "Thanks guys. I'm going to miss you.

It makes me incredibly proud to have been a part of... ." He linked the message to this cast photo:

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