Rowan Blanchard Posts Tease on Twitter -- Was 'Girl Meets World' Picked Up for Season 4?

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Rowan Blanchard tweeted a rather cryptic message a few days ago that has people scratching their heads: "[smiley] =when I think about this thing that was just finalized." But after that, she said nothing more.

So what was Rowan talking about? What is the "thing" that Rowan just "finalized"? We may just have the answer...

Rowan Blanchard Posts About Secret on Twitter

Rowan Blanchard posted the following tweet:

Immediately, many fans jumped to the conclusion that what Rowan Blanchard was referring to was that her Disney show, Girl Meets World had been picked up for a fourth season.

So Was Rowan Blanchard Suggesting that Girl Meets World Was Renewed?

Girl Meets World, which has seen relatively disappointing ratings, had at best an uncertain future.

Couple that with multiple cast members' suggestions that they had recorded the finale, things didn't look good for a season 4. We wrote about this in detail here. Here was Rowan's original message about it last month:

So was a Girl Meets World season 4 what Rowan Blanchard was referring to? Unlikely. As we reported previously, Disney didn't intend to make a decision on the fate of Girl Meets World until the end of the year.

But more importantly, none of the other Girl Meets World actors, writers, or producers has made any similar statement.

One would expect that the writers, GMWWriters or someone affiliated with the show would have at least responded to Rowan Blanchard's tweet. But there is silence on that front.

Some have suggested that Girl Meets World was being moved to the Freeform channel. To date, there is no reputable source even suggesting that Girl Meets World may be brought to Freeform.

Rowan Blanchard's Tweet -- Clues

So if it's not a Girl Meets World season 4 that Rowan Blanchard was teasing, what is it?

Well, we have one clue: there were two people who responded to Rowan Blanchard and clearly know what she is referring to.

Those two people are Safy-Hallan Farah and Sarah Hagi. Neither of these two young women has anything to do with Girl Meets World, but they are connected to one of Rowan Blanchard's other passions: writing.

Both Farah and Hagi are writers, and both often write about social causes.

Farah is a contributing editor at Paper Magazine. You may recall that Rowan has written for Paper Magazine in the past. Hagi is a freelance writer who has written for magazines including Paper.

These clues lead us to believe that the "thing" that Rowan Blanchard "finalized" is not related to Girl Meets World; instead, it has something to do with writing -- and possibly Paper Magazine.

Some Twitter users have suggested that Rowan Blanchard may be writing a book:

The book idea definitely has merits; however, we think it's more likely that Rowan is becoming a contributor or columnist in the magazine.

Both of the women congratulating her were connected to Paper, and one is an editor. Either way, the "thing" would be some sort of writing agreement/deal/contract.

Of course, this is speculation.

We will have to wait until Rowan Blanchard makes a public announcement to be sure. What do you think Rowan is referring to? Has Girl Meets World been picked up? Is there a book? Or a new column?

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