Updated: Girl Meets World Star Rowan Blanchard Quashes Nasty Rumors About Her Friendship with Sabrina Carpenter

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In the past week, we have done multiple stories about Disney's Girl Meets World getting (or possibly getting) cancelled. In the last day or so, a new twist to the story has emerged.

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Nasty rumors have been spreading that Blanchard and her co-star Sabrina Carpenter are feuding and that their feud may have led to the cancellation of the show.

These types of rumors are not new, and unfortunately, they are especially common among shows with multiple female stars. But there is no real evidence upon which to base this rumor.

Although the exact origin of the rumor is unknown, several Twitter users have suggested that one of the first posts about the rumor was:

The poster has since apologized and recanted the suggestion.

Blanchard and Carpenter have been friends since the show started. In 2014, Blanchard tweeted about their long-running friendship:

And over the three seasons of GMW, Blanchard and Carpenter have had many off-set friendship moments together. In Carpenter's debut album, she even wrote a song about Rowan called Seamless.

And there are hundreds of photos online about their friendship -- here are just a few:

Unfortunately, the rumor has continued to spread, and as a result, Blanchard has been bullied by trolls online. She eventually became upset about the rumor and plans to (at least temporarily) leave Twitter.

Hopefully, we will be seeing her again soon. We'll update this article as additional information comes in.

Update Aug 2, 2016:

Although she did not address the rumor directly, Sabrina Carpenter posted a Tweet affirming her friendship with Blanchard:

Blanchard also posted a similar Tweet:

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