'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Legendary' Season 1 Finale Episode 16, Decisions

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Here's the big finale for CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In "Legendary," episode 16 of season one, the team decides not to let Leonard's sacrifice go in vein. They devise a plan for what they hope to be a final showdown with Savage.

The season one finale ends Rip taking another trip back in time to Central City during the day of his first recruitment of the team.

Mick, Sara, Jax, Stein and Ray have to figure out if the normal life is right for them or if they should put an end to Vandal Savage for causing them to lose Leonard.

Sara visits Lance and learns that Laurel has died. She is devastated at the news and knows that she once came back to life but her sister may not have the same option as it came with a bloodlust.

The team bands together to take on Savage who still has Kendra and Carter in his possession the last time we saw them traveling off in the timeline. Will they finally defeat Vandal Savage?

In Central City, now that the team has been disbanded, Mick is back to his old habit of stealing. Ray, just happens to be driving his gate away car in order to apologize for Snart's death.

Ray sees it as the start of a new partnership between them. Martin is back home but he too feels that their work is unfinished.

The feeling is mutual between all the other team members, as they meet up in the ships last landing spot. Rip gets a call from Star City in 2016.

So he heads back to his old team. That little break up didn't last long.

Kendra has escaped in the mist of a World War II battlefield.

She has just enough time to write a message and hide it in the helmet of a soldier before she is recaptured. The soldier is killed but the message stays hidden.

The moment they're on the Waverider, Sara demands to be taken back in order to save Laurel but Rip just knocks her out.

Black boy noticed that the soldiers helmet is in the wrong spot. Rip finds the note and they set a course for her location.

Savage is collecting blood from Kendra and her man friend in order to go back to the moment the meteors hit the earth, in order to live his immortal life without Kendra being there to stop him at every turn.

Rip goes to visit Sara, now that she's woken up. She pleads to go back in time but he won't allow it.

The out come of her going back would mean that Damien would kill Sara and their father as well. She agrees to help save Kendra but she's not happy about it.

When they land in the past, Vandal is in the midst of attacking a group of soldiers. While the group keeps them busy, Jax frees Kendra.

As they're escaping Kendra is hit by a laser and knocked out. They are forced to leave her once again.

Carter is awake. He still doesn't remember much but he is quiet helpful. He tells the team about Vandal's plan to erase time.

Jax really wants to test out the new transmutation skill he used in during the last fight.

It doesn't work and he ends up destroying Ray and Kendra's lucky vase. However, Martin gets an epiphany that allows him to figure out what Savage is planning.

Savages plan is to set off the meteors at three different points in time.

He's already meet up with his past self at the sight of one of the meteor sites. He's brought an unconscious Kendra with him and she's waking up just in time.

The team decides that they're going to split up into three teams, each to one point in time that Savage has to activate the meteors.

They figure that while the rocks give him powers they also make him vulnerable. So they must all attack him at the same point in order to turn him mortal.

The Fighting starts. Ray is slowed down by some zombies. Sara goes one one one with one version of Savage.

Mick has version number two and Kendra and Carter are battling the most present version. Kendra gets to turn his words back on Savage as she stabs him in the heart. Sara and Mick both go for the neck.

In order to stop the meteors from activating, Ray has made some kind of laser to destroy it. Jax is finally able to transmute their stone into a puddle of water.

They all converge back to the rooftop with Kendra, Carter, and Rip. That meteor is still going, however the last two methods don't work on this one. They might have saved time but they still have to save the world.

Rip leaves the team again. He picks up the meteor in order to drive it into the sun on his ship. They team says their quick one liner goodbyes.

As he's heading into the sun, Rip hears the voices of his wife and son. For once they aren't holograms but they aren't quite real either. He heads towards them and the sun swallows them.

Too bad that was an illusion. Rip wakes back up. He and Gideon decide to make one more jump. They land five seconds from when he left.

Rip decides he wants to keep on fighting the good fight. He'll protect time and he invites the rest of the team to stay along.

Sara's a little reluctant because she wants to stay with her family. However, she decides that fighting will be honoring Laurel's memory.

Martin doesn't want to leave his wife. However, she's not agreeing with it. She's extremely supportive and even invites Jax over to try to convince Martin to go.

Mick has gone back in to a time when Snart is still alive in order to speak with him one last time.

Ray and Rip meet him outside of the bar. Rip offers to bring him back whenever but Mick declines.

While most of the team is returning, Kendra and Carter are not. Without Savage they are finally allowed to live a long life. Just as they are about to leave, another Waverider comes crashing out of the sky.

A person comes on out to tell them not to get on their Waverider. He says he was sent by Mick in order to warn them not to go back on the ship.

If they do they'll all die. His name is Rick Tyler.

"Legendary" is a pretty epic season one finale for CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

It's really everything we expected in a season finale and it will be interesting to see where the show goes in season two. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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