Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 1 & 2 Recap: A Fight and a Streaker

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Tonight was the first episode of season 32 of MTV's Real World, this time titled Bad Blood.

n this episode of Bad Blood we are introduced to the new cast.

The first person we meet is Jordan from Chicago. Jordan always wears dresses and likes to look good.

Jordan's roommate is Mike who is from New York.

Mike says he's a manipulator and an instigator and he says that America has no idea what's coming. As soon as Mike meets Jordan he gets concerned because Jordan is taller than him.

Jordan gets a text to meet another roommate, so Jordan and Mike go to meet Anika in the park. Anika is also from New York.

Next were introduced to Robbie of New Jersey. Robbie is looking for an experience to "set the tone of my life". Robbie spends a lot of time with his family and he's learned to DJ for family parties.

Robbie meets his new roommate, Katrina of Florida, on a boat. Katrina's from a rural area of Florida and she likes to hunt, she's loud and she likes riding donkeys. Robbie tells Katrina that he's a mama's boy.

Then, we meet Theo of Illinois. Theo says everybody knows his name.

Next, we meet Tyara who loves older guys but likes to cut guys off when she feels like they're falling in love with her.

She was raised in the UK, and she's looking to make friends because he doesn't have any right now.

Theo and Tyara also decide to meet in the park. Immediately, Tyara thinks she has a connection with Theo. Theo immediately brings out his stuffed bunny named Chuck to show Tyara.

The cast all meets up and heads to the Real World house. The house is a huge Seattle city loft with a bunch of windows and modern furniture.

Once everybody meets, the guys get to know each other, and separately the girls get to know each other.

Theo and Tyara get stuck in the last room together because they show up late.

Soon after they all get together, they're told to look for a book called "The Great Controversy" which leads into a secret room which is the confessional.

Tyara is immediately upset because she feels like the girls of clicked up and she's concerned she will meet any friends.

Theo wakes Tyara up to go out with the group. They go out to a restaurant and have a couple of drinks and some food outside on the balcony.

Mike and Theo talk about cheating as soon as they get into relationships. While Katrina has a private conversation with Tyara and talks about how she's shy.

The gang then heads out to a bar/club where Katrina runs around slapping guys butts.

Immediately Mike starts flirting around with Jordan. Jordan, however, says Mike is not her type.

Jordan goes into the confessional in her underwear with Mike. Meanwhile Katrina and Anika are taking selfies. Mike tries to get on Jordan, but she rebuffs him.

In the morning, Robbie cooks breakfast and the group discusses paying on dates.

The girls then decide to go out for cupcakes, but Tyara chooses to take a nap. While eating cupcakes the girls discussed how to get Tyara to open up more.

Next we see Robbie and Jordan in the confession room, and Jordan tells Robbie about how Mike made a move on her.

Katrina explains how she spent all her life with her sister and she's looking to do something separate from her during this series.

Very quickly, Theo and Tyara start to flirt and grind up against each other while dancing. Tyara says she's developing a crush on Theo.

The group then plays truth or dare, but Tyara remains quiet and seems uninterested in participating.

Tyara then decides to leave because she feels uncomfortable discussing these topics. In the game, Robbie gets dared to bite Theo's lip, and Anika has to streak through the house.

After the bite, Robbie starts to feel upset about having done it, and Mike keeps provoking him to the point where he starts to cry.

Meanwhile Theo and Jordan are in the confession room talking about Tyara, who happens to be hiding in the back and hears everything.

In the end of the first episode, Tyara starts yelling at the group, and Robbie wants to go home.

At the beginning of episode two, which follows directly after episode one, the whole house is fighting about the events of the night.

Tyara is angry at everybody for the way they behaved during the game, and Robbie is angry at Mike for convincing him to bite Theo's lip.

In response, Robbie makes fun of the fact that Mike got turned down by Jordan.

The two of them get into a heated argument which has to be broken up by the security staff. My calls Robbie a "little bitch" and Robbie runs to fight Mike, but is tackled by security.

Robbie calls his dad crying and his dad tries to calm him down.

The producer decides to send Robbie out of the house to a hotel for the night. Robbie says he misses home to his dad and then leaves for the hotel.

The next morning, things are a little quieter.

Tyara and Theo start to have fun together. Theo tells Tyara about how his cousin got him arrested for pot, causing him to lose his scholarship and lose a chance to get drafted.

We find out that Mike lost his best friend due to "altercation".

Robbie returns to the house and they all sit down to talk. Robbie decides to apologize to everybody in the house, and Mike also apologizes to Robbie.

Mike and Robbie try to sort things out but still seem awkward.

In the evening, everyone goes out to see the July 4th fireworks on a boat. Tyara still stays separate from everybody else and refuses to communicate. But Theo goes out and tries to make her feel better.

Tyara and Theo continue to flirt. Tyara doesn't seem to want to get out of bed.

In the evening the group goes out to a club. Theo dances with a girl, and Tyara starts to get very jealous.

She gets upset and tells Theo she doesn't like him anymore. She then walks out with Katrina while Theo continues to have fun.

Back at the house Tyara and Theo are not really talking to each other. Tyara confesses that she made a mistake and became too connected to Theo too quickly. But things remain awkward between the two of them.

In the evening, Jordan, Anika, Theo, and Robbie go out bowling. Meanwhile Katrina gets into a texting fight with her sister.

Katrina talks about how she's from a broken family and she and her sister have some huge issues with each other, and she starts to cry.

She says that the issue between her and her sister is that her sister was raped by a guy and Katrina then kissed him, although she didn't know about the rape at the time.

Theo and Robbie go out with the girls to a bar, and a guy comes up to Katrina and introduces himself. But Katrina rejects him.

Tyara and Theo decide to talk, and Tyara apologizes for shutting down, but she says she's been through every traumatic situation possible, and that's why she shuts down. Tyara says she was bullied and cyber-bullied a lot in high school.

Theo and Tyara admit they are into each other. Tyara starts to feel happier.

The next evening, Robbie takes the group out to a club where he DJs for the night. Theo and Tyara start grinding on the dance floor.

At the end of the episode Theo and Tyara hook up.

We can start to guess who the bad blood is. For Tyara, it's probably her bully.

For Katrina, it's her sister. And for Mike, it's probably his best friend, whom he no longer talks to. For Jordan, it's probably a guy she broke up with.

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