Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood': The Truth About Peter and Jenn

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MTV's Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' premiered its 11th episode last night.

The episode, one of the last of the season, centers around Tyara's departure from the house, as well as the tension between Peter, Jennifer, Anna, and Katrina.

In the episode, the fireworks fly as Peter yells at Jenn about her friendship with Anna, and then Anna and Jenn start fighting.

The whole situation seems like it's headed for disaster. But what happens after the cameras turn off?

Peter and Jenn talk about the fight

Over the course of Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood', there were several intense arguments between Peter and Jenn.

Toward the end of the season, the arguments became loud and at times scary. Still, Jenn was confident that she wanted to move in with Peter after the show finished.

In the show, Peter is portrayed was verbally abusive and manipulative, and it seemed all but certain that Peter and Jenn were bound for an explosive breakup. But that's not what happened at all.

In reality, Peter and Jenn remained together and are still together now.

In fact, they have now been together living in Hoboken, New Jersey for around six months, and they say that they've grown closer during that time.

For instance, last night, Jenn commented that "you don't have to agree love, maybe just trust that I can take care of myself and know that I'm genuinely happy with [Peter]."

In a Periscope conversation after the show, Jenn and Peter discussed their fight. Peter said "I love this girl...she's my rock." Jenn remarked:

We understand...we know it's not's just that situation...a lot of alcohol, a lot of stress. By then it was almost the end of our filming so being locked in the house 24/7 and being around people who just irritate the [expletive] out of us...there's only so much that can happen before you snap.

She also discussed her relationship with Peter:

All you people who are sitting here saying I deserve better, and I should open my eyes and stuff, don't sit here and try to pretend that you're just looking out for me...because it's just [expletive]...I actually rather you just not try to stick up for me because you guys don't know us and you don't know our it's the most annoying thing.

Nevertheless, Jenn and Peter have not gotten over their anger at Anna and Katrina. After apologizing again to Jenn, Peter noted that "I don't apologize to the sisters...I apologize to Jenn for yelling."

Anna and Katrina insist they did the right thing...

For their part, Anna and Katrina insist that they did the right thing.

After the show last night, both sisters got online and explained that they still believe that something was wrong about Peter and Jenn's relationship. They both tweeted about domestic abuse, and Katrina posted these:

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