Over 95 Percent Of WWE Fans Support Becky Lynch Over Charlotte Flair

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Since the WWE is a scripted environment, the company can never truly predict how fans are going to react to certain wrestlers and storylines.

A recent example is Becky Lynch turning into a "heel", but still getting cheered by the crowd despite turning into a bad character.

Interestingly, WWE.com posted posted a poll asking WWE fans if they still support Becky Lynch after she beat up Charlotte at SummerSlam.

As of time of writing, over 95 percent of fans say they have been rooting for Becky Lynch the entire time.

You can also hear the crowd cheering both at SummerSlam and Smackdown Live when Becky Lynch turned heel.

It will be interesting to see if WWE changes roles so that Becky Lynch is a babyface again and Charlotte Flair is a heel.

WWE has done this before with Bret Hart and Steve Austin swapping roles due to fan feedback at WrestleMania 13.

This recent example is another clue that WWE officials (maybe Vince McMahon) is out of touch with its own audience. WWE officials usually book the heels as the underdogs while the babyfaces have multiple title reigns and opportunities.

Fans are unlikely going to cheer for Charlotte Flair because she is not an underdog and she's been hogging the spotlight ever since she debuted on the main roster.

It makes sense fans are cheering for Becky Lynch since she has only been Women's Champion once in her career and she's never had as many opportunities as Charlotte has.

I'm hoping WWE rethinks its strategy and starts to book babyfaces as the underdogs more often. There's a reason people don't like Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair as babyfaces because both wrestlers are already multiple time world champions!

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