WWE May Want Serena Williams To Wrestle For Their Company

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WWE has a thriving women's division headlined mostly by the signing of former UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Thanks to the addition of Rousey, WWE is looking towards to even more big names to hopefully join them in the near future.

As reported by both Business Insider as well as The Sun, Stephanie McMahon is proposing the idea for Serena Williams to potentially become a future WWE Superstar.

It's unknown if this is a serious proposal, although this could be a huge get for the WWE.

Serena Williams is arguably the most famous female sports star in history winning well over 20 Grand Slam single tournaments over her illustrious career.

She is also one of the biggest icons and role models for young girls all over the world.

Serena Williams is currently 37 years old and she has said in the past that she won't retire tennis unless she's at least 40 years old.

WWE may have to wait a few more years before Williams can be available to become a wrestler.

Having Serena Williams be a full time WWE Superstar might be slim since not everyone is interested in traveling each and every week. If WWE does want Serena, they could always woo her in for a special WrestleMania appearance instead.

This is all just fantasy speculation at this point, although seeing Serena Williams inside a WWE ring will be very entertaining.

Serena Williams has the right attitude and physique that is appealing to wrestling fans. We'll just have to wait and see what happens once Williams retires from tennis.

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