WWE Crown Jewel Was A Huge Disappointment

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WWE is capable of staging awesome shows as seen with the 'Evolution' PPV not too long ago and the many NXT specials that happen. Sadly though when it comes to the main roster shows, those PPVs are usually bad.

Crown Jewel was seen as controversial from the start since the PPV was being held in Saudi Arabia.

Politics aside, some fans were still looking forward to the show just to see the in-ring action itself. Well even the wrestling side of Crown Jewel ended up being crappy too.

Crown Jewel started off in a bad way with Hulk Hogan coming out making his first public WWE appearance in three years.

I don't really want to talk about how I feel about Hulk Hogan, but at least his appearance was short.

WWE Crown Jewel started off on a sour note and it never really recovered.

I cannot even name one match that I enjoyed from the show. The booking was just horrible and it left a sour taste in mouth all weekend long.

One of the biggest blunders was the so-called 'World Cup' tournament.

This tournament was doomed from the start since it was about 8 American born wrestlers fighting for this faux trophy. WWE couldn't even bother booking other wrestlers from different countries for the event.

The worst part about the tournament is the fact that it was a waste of time.

Shane McMahon of all people was booked to win as a last minute replacement for The Miz who "broke" his ankle.

The injury storyline was planned so Shane McMahon could beat Dolph Ziggler to declare himself the "Best in the World".

The WWE Title match was also underwhelming with AJ Styles beating Samoa Joe yet again in a match that barely went over 10 minutes long.

There's not much else I can say about this match, other than it was short and insignificant.

However, the match that made me the most angry was Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman for the vacant Universal Title.

At the start of the match, Baron Corbin attacked Strowman and weakened him so that Brock Lesnar could F-5 him five times to get the victory.

It was pretty much a squash match since Strowman did not even have a chance to fight back.

Not to mention Lesnar is Universal Champion once again which is boring because he already hogged that belt for over a year and a half prior to Roman Reigns winning it at SummerSlam.

The last disappointment was the Undertaker and Kane losing to DX. Undertaker already lost to Triple H last month at Super Showdown, and he was booked to lose again to Triple H one month later.

To be fair, Kane is the one that got pinned, but this match made the two brothers look weak. The match also sucked too because Triple H injured himself early on.

The only good part about the match was Shawn Michaels. Even though he's now 53 years old, he still looked more energetic than anyone else in this match.

All in all, WWE Crown Jewel may have been one of the worst shows I have seen in 2018.

The booking was bad and WWE keeps pushing the same old talent over and over again. Let's hope things get better with Survivor Series happening later this month!

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