'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Lindsay and Matt' Season 5 Episode 7, 'Hell or High Water'

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In this episode of Discovery's Naked and Afraid, Lindsay Boisclair and Matt Wright strip down bare naked to attempt to survive 21 days in the Sai Rung River Valley of Thailand.

Lindsay Boisclair (Twitter) is a 32-year-old single mom from Grand Blanc, Michigan. She works in customer service and happens to be and avid outdoors enthusiast.

Lindsay is doing doing this for herself however, she also wants to show other girls that it is possible to be heavy lose weight and do things like this.

She says she will not be the typical girl on the show. She seems very fearless and ready for the challenge. Her skills include, "mental strength, plant identification and having an overall positive attitude." She begins with a PSR of 6.1.

"Lindsay still loves the outdoors as an adult.

During the warmer months in Michigan she can be found running, mountain biking, camping, or hiking any chance she gets.

At least once a year she takes a mountain biking trip to explore different trails, Copper Harbor, MI; Browns County, IN; North Park, PA; to name a few, (of course Pontiac Lake is still her favorite)," according to Discovery.

Matt Wright (Instagram) is a 32-year-old male from Lakewood, Colordao. He is the owner and operator of an Extreme Instinct LLC. It seems fitting for Naked and Afraid because the company makes custom knives, survival gear and also teaches survival classes.

Matt is engaged and his skills include, "using primitive weapons, starting fires, trapping, hunting, primitive fishing, flint-knapping, basketry, cordage, hide tanning, shelter, water purification, tracking and navigation." By the sound of it it's almost as if Matt could complete the challenge on his own blindfolded because of his special skills.

He begins with a PSR of 7.8.

"While other kids played with toys Matt (Facebook) was out submersing himself in nature.

Living in the mountains he began to discover his passion for survival and devoted himself to become one with the wild.

He enjoyed learning traditional archery and primitive weapons, he even harvested his first bull elk at only 12 years old," according to Discovery.

The meeting doesn't seem awkward at all and both contestants seem pretty excited to get started. Matt hands Lindsay her bag and inside of his bag he has a knife.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has brought a tarp because she has a condition called hypothyroidism which means her body doesn't regular heat properly. So, the tarp will come in hand in order to help her control her body temperature.

The two contestants are given a fire started and a map. There are deadly flash floods thats Lindsay and Matt need to be aware of in the Sai Rung River Valley and locals believe the waterfall is cursed. Meanwhile other threats include, pythons, wild boars and tigers. The team decides to head up river.

They head out and Lindsay seems reluctant to take help right away but gives in. They get to know each other on the way to their shelter and Lindsay cracks a joke about not being a people's person.

Their sarcastic nature matches each other.

They make it through the river and it begins getting dark. They find a flat area near the water and start to find some bamboo to get a shelter started right away. Matt says Lindsay has the big sister vibe and that's okay as long as he is able to hunt. Night falls and they did not get to build their shelter.

Matt is disappointed but they decide that there is no way they can go any further at night. On day two, Matt decides he wants to get an early start on hunting.

He captures a little lizard for them to eat and naturally Lindsay is reluctant.

Matt has a little fun with the lizard and Lindsay feels bad for the little guy. After the lizard fun they decide to get the shelter going and make sure that it is elevated from the biting insects. They get their platform shelter done and Lindsay is feeling hungry.

Matt decides that he will help Lindsay find other food sources for her to eat. He finds some wild figs and they decide to try it together.

The think it tastes like nothing but they have some good fun while they chow down on it.

Matt isn't feeling too good and ends up puking and so does Lindsay. The figs really did a number on the two contestants. On day three Matt decides to make a fish trap and Lindsay tries to setting her stomach.

She is asking for some quiet time but Matt is not a fan at quiet. Lindsay says she knows Matt is trying to help and she appreciates trying to distract her.

At night Lindsay is having trouble with her hunger and health.

Matt decides to find some heart of palm for the next day so that Lindsay could get some energy. He gets a little and Matt is trying to get Lindsay to eat more and gain more nutrients.

Lindsay says that she would have assumed that Matt is a macho guy but she really appreciates him trying to take care of her.

Matt checks his fish trap to find an eel however, the eel proves to be very elusive and slips Matt.

Lindsay is out gathering water and finding other sources of plant food for herself. Matt goes hunting an finds himself a nice sized snake for dinner which he successfully kills. He has to coach Lindsay to get her back to their camp and she says she needs to drink more water.

Matt chows down on the snake but Lindsay is finding it to be pretty hard to eat. Matt tries to get her to eat it but Lindsay is really combative.

Matt says what they are in is as serious as it can get and she needs nutrients.

On day seven Matt has some fun hanging from the vines and has a ton of energy after the snake meal. Lindsay is not getting any better because of her choice to not eat meat. Meanwhile, Matt is eating everything he can find. On day 11 Matt is getting started on some traps and they set one near camp.

Things get serious when a storm rolls in. There is a downpour and Matt and Lindsay are very cold at night. After eight inches of rainfall, the team has no choice but to stay in their shelter.

On day 14 the rain is still going and intensifies. The river has risen and the chance for a deadly flash flood is increasing big time. Matt knows the river can be dangerous and the camp is starting to flood.

By day 15 14 inches of rain has fallen and the river is extremely high. They are now cut off from the production team and if anything goes wrong they would be beyond rescue.

The team realizes that they are not in a good position and they know that they are cut off from anyone. They continue to ride through the thunderstorms and by day 16 there is already 16 inches of rain.

If they were seriously injured, they would not be able to receive help.

The temperature is dropping and on day 17, they are losing plenty of calories from shivering. Both Matt and Lindsay are very hungry and they realize they should have increased their caloric intake.

On day 19 the rain has subsided and blue skies are here. Matt is going to take advantage of the weather and go hunting for food. Lindsay is still in the shelter and she is really week.

Matt strikes out with a frog and Lindsay decides to make a woven blanket so they aren't shivery as much at night. Matt is looking for his fish trap but he can't seem to find it anymore.

His fish trap is gone.

In the evening the trap goes off and under it they find a rat. They need to be careful how they cook the rat because they can carry deadly diseases. Matt says Lindsay has to eat a part of the rat.

Matt forces Lindsay to get some protein in her body and she finally gives in. She overcame the challenge as she realizes she really doesn't have a choice. Matt is impressed with his partner.

It's not extraction day and the team gets ready to take their trek down to the bridge. Matt thinks they should build a raft to use on the river after their trek. After creating the raft they bid farewell to the camp and take a painful never-ending trek. They reach the riskiest part in dealing with the river and they are holding on.

However, something happens and they lose the raft. Matt regains it and they find the bridge and ditch the raft. They reach the truck and have completed their challenge.

Matt finishes with a PSR of 8.7 and Lindsay finishes with a PSR of 6.5. They both survived the Naked and Afraid 21-day challenge.

"Hell of High Water" was one of the most challenging episodes in Discovery's Naked and Afraid season thus far.

The contestants were reminded of their families as they faced some pretty intense downpours. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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