'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Christina & Steve' Season 4 Episode 2 'Rumble In The Jungle'

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Tonight on 'Rumble In The Jungle" the second episode of season four of "Naked and Afraid" Christina McQueen and Steve Hansen try to survive in the jungles of Quintana Roo, Mexico completely naked.

Working together gets a little difficult for these two single contestants.

Christina (Facebook) is a feisty 38-year-old mom from Louisville, Kentucky who was ready to make the Mexican jungle her "b***h." She's a single mom who also happens to be an expert hunter and according to "Naked and Afraid" she's tough as nails. Christina grew (Instagram) up poor so she's use to having to hunt for her own food and says when she was growing up she hunted deer, rabbit, squirrel, frog, snakes and more.

So what's her mission? Well, Christina wants to show her daughter that being a woman doesn't mean you can't be a badass.

She was extremely confident during the insertion and it looked like this challenge wasn't going to be a problem for her at all.

Steve (Facebook) is a 33-year-old from California and he isn't quite sure how he feels about the experience as yet.

He's a life coach, mountaineer and animal lover according to "Naked and Afraid." According to his "Naked and Afraid" bio, Steve's survival skills include, "nature enthusiast, water sourcing, fishing, hunting, fire making and shelter construction." Steve is a huge snake lover and during the insertion he admits that the only thing he was nervous about were the bugs.

Christina had no problem with stripping down for the challenge or sleeping next to a stranger. She even jokes that it's not like she never did it before.

Steve on the other hand is just nervous about his partner and says that he's going to need to pull their positive energy to get through the episode.

That's already showing a sign of weakness and it's not something that will fit well with Christina. It proves to be a bit of a problem later on in the episode when things get intense.

At first the meeting is really civil as the two express their excitement for the challenge and give a quick rundown of where they're from. They must battle mosquitos, fire ants, howler monkeys, boas and large cayman. The journey begins and on day one things seem pretty smooth as they enjoy their sense of humor with a few butt jokes.

Steve and Christina are complete opposites with Christina being the tougher of the two individuals. They stop to take in the beauty of the jungle but there are tons of struggles ahead.

Christina and Steve run into some aggressive howler monkeys that are looking down on them from a high tree top. As night falls, Christina and Steve are thirsty but they haven't collected water. When they try using the fire starter things don't work out.

Christina is worried about the bats flying around the area but later on it's the monkeys who are still keeping watch until the morning. Neither contestant slept well and are still struggling to light the fire.

That is, until Steve gets the fire started which means they can now gather water.

Food and water become an issue and Christina handles the trapping with her hunting skills. They then venture off to catch some fish and gather some water, however, they run into a red tail boa in the tree. Steve decides to try to catch the boa as a food source despite how big of a snake fan he is.

He begins provoking the snake, which then falls into the water. Steve manages to get the snake out of the water with his staff and throws it towards the camera.

Steve is finding it hard to kill the baby boa that he managed to kill and Christina is just looking at the little guy as a food source. Christina leaves to go get a fire started and when Steve kills the snake he becomes pretty emotional. They have a lot of good meat so its a nice 180 calorie snack for each of the contestants.

After the snack, Steve and Christina work on their teepee shelter. It starts raining and they have to switch their concentration onto keeping the fire going. The night is rough as they battle the relentless mosquitos.

Christina has been complaining a lot and Steve has been the voice of reason and kinda wussy. She does decide to do something about the mosquito situation. She finds a termites nest that will work as an insect repellent once burned.

Her termite plan fails and the mosquitos are costing both Steve and Christina sleep. By day seven Christina is emotionally broken down by the bug bites alone.

Steve tells her that it's healthy for her to cry but she needs to stay strong. Christina appreciates Steve's patience, however, it looks like she's wearing thin.

She checks her trap and while it was set off, the trap is still empty. Steve made a fish trap to try to get the two survivors some food.

They leave it there overnight and while they spend another sleepless night, Steve is losing his patience with Christina's "b*tching." Christina's major issue continues to be the mosquitos and her complaining is costing Steve sleep.

Steve's not worried about the jungle he's worried about Christina's constant complaining. It's insane how much she's crumbled from the big talk in the beginning of the episode.

By day 11 the survivors decide to build a platform off of the ground so that they might be able to escape bug bites. Christina is not pleased with Steve's platform and continues her complaining and the two engage in an argument that ends in Christina telling Steve to "kiss her ass." The next day Steve and Christina are very standoffish and as night falls he's managing to get sleep while she suffered but she was at least quiet.

The good night's rest made it easier for them to get along.

Steve wants to help his partner and tries to get some type of snack for his partner to eat. The rain has been the enemy for much of the time and the two actually get close. Christina has another breakdown and she says that she can't do the challenge anymore. Steve tries his hardest to coach Christina and makes a deal with her.

If he can catch food she has to stay and make it through the end. His fish basket is empty and now he has to rely on something else.

He has to be very careful when he comes across a venomous coral snake. Steve comes back to find Christina still in a hungry and depressed state.

Steve and Christina can't find food and they both are emotionally damaged. The struggle to find food has been the biggest threat to their survival thus far and things are only getting worst. In the middle of the night Steve hears something moving around.

When you think it's some dangerous animal, it proves to be two toads. It might be small for viewers but its a big win for Christina and Steve.

It's a moral builder for Christina and the team is now stronger than ever.

It's extraction day and Steve and Christina have a steep climb ahead of them. In the end they manage to reach the extraction point and made it through the 21 days. Steve managed to completely change the perception of who he was and lead the team through the hardships.

Christina lost 30 lbs and her PSR was 6.4 in the end. Steve lost 36 pounds and ended with a 7.8 PSR.

Wow, "Rumble In The Jungle," was a pretty intense episode with two huge personalities clashing for the overall goal of survival.

It really broke the unfortunate stereotypes of males and females, providing dome great insight to survival. Check out an all new episode of "Naked and Afraid" next Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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