'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Karen & Matt' Season 5 Episode 5, 'Contamination'

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This time Discovery's Naked and Afraid returns as Karen Coffee and Matt Alexander get naked and ready to survive 21 days in the Philippines forests during typhoon season.

Karen Coffee (Twitter) is a 51-year-old female from North Caroline. Karen (Facebook) is married and happens to be a stay at home mom of two children.

She is appearing on the show to fulfill a life-long dream of surviving in the woods, however, she had no idea that she would be naked while doing so.

Karen really brings a lot to the table as her skills include, "fishing (spearfishing Included), hunting, navigation, shelter building, palm weaving and wild game preparation for cooking." She will begin with a PSR of 6.3.

"Karen is from a family of 4 and grew up in a loving family environment in Greece, NY. Growing up, her parents were a constant and stable source for her to rely on. She always preferred spending time outdoors with her younger brother, making primitive shelters, looking for bugs to identify, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, getting her SCUBA dive certification, boating, and playing soccer," according to Discovery.

Matt Alexander (Facebook) is a 34-year-old male from Jennings, Louisiana. Matt is sing and works as a self-employed truck driver and also with leather and knife making.

He is looking to give the challenge his best shot and brings a sharp set of skills to the table that include hunting and tracking. He will begin with a PSR of 6.6.

"Matt was born and raised in Jennings, LA just west of Lafayette and spent all of his childhood years roaming the woods, hunting and fishing.

He's always had a love for the outdoors and learned his skills from trial and error," according to Discovery.

The meeting is not awkward and both contestants are pretty cordial. They both seem eager to get started with their challenge. Karen shared her first thoughts of Matt which were that he was shorter and smaller than she thought her partner would be.

They have a shared machete along with a slingshot and a fire starter. Karen is worried about Matt's slingshot and hopes he is as good with it as he says he is.

They also have a map and they get ready to start moving, Karen does seem a little worried about her partner.

They start their trek to the back country of the Philippines. They must watch out for venomous snakes, poisonous frogs and wild boars. Matt doesn't seem too open about the equal abilities and opinions between males and females. They start to have some worries when Matt insists on getting bamboo.

Karen says Matt isn't the best communicator. Matt believes that Karen is a bit bossy for his easy come easy go attitude.

Karen comes over to see Matt in an area with a natural platform. They get to work but when Matt is persistent about the bamboo, he sets out to find some while Karen works on the fire.

Karen says that Matt seems a little indecisive and after some time, Karen isn't sure where Matt is. Matt actually managed to find some bamboo to use for purification and has a hard time finding home, however, he manages to follow the fire. They have fire and bamboo but also a very awkward partnership and an awkward high-five.

On night one the team is thankful for what they have. When they try to get some rest, Karen begins to get a severe headache and becomes nauseous. She is already thinking about calling it quits.

The next day Karen is complaining a lot and believes she is a bit overwhelmed. She and Matt both want to get food and water to sustain themselves. They set out to look for food and actually find some bananas high up in a tree.

Matt says he couldn't see a woman climbing a tree and volunteers to climb the tree and grab them a bunch of bananas. They are excited to take their bananas and head back to camp.

Matt says Karen is making a big deal about her feet hurting but she needs to push through. Karen says she is going to need some shoes.

On day three, Karen says she walked too much the day before. Matt says that it would be much easier doing the challenge on his own because he is doing most of the work. On day four the team misses a chance at some protein when a lizard eludes them.

Matt says he needs to make Karen some shoes because he can't stand her whining all of the time. Matt makes Karen some shoes for Karen and Matt asks her not to wear them out.

On day six the team is still surviving on bananas however, they need protein. Karen suggests making a snare-trap. Once again Karen is getting winded easily and Matt is chasing leads on wild chickens. Matt and Karen butt heads when it comes to hunting procedures.

Karen wants to set a snare but Matt wants to use his slingshot. They really aren't listening to each other and Matt is confident in his slingshot skills.

Matt is feeling aggravated and Karen is feeling as if she has no type of control over the situation.

Matt tries his hands at his slingshot skills aiming at a bird in a tree. He can't seem to get his skills going so he decides to try Karen's idea of setting a snare. On day seven they decide to lay some snare-traps. They walk up a little more and find a skunk hole.

They set another snare-trap in front of the skunk hole. On day 12 they aren't getting much sleep and are too cold at night.

On day 14 both Karen and Matt are out of commission. Karen agrees to pick up some slack and help Matt if he needs it because she doesn't want to finish the challenge without him.

They check the skunk hole and there is nothing there. Matt is weak and says everything hurts. Karen wants Matt to keep up and asks him to tend to the fire. In the evening they begin to smell a skunk and are hopeful that maybe they have caught one. Karen checks the skunk-trap.

She finds a skunk and stabs it but she finds the smell extremely overbearing. She gets over the stink and grabs her skunk.

Matt seems somewhat optimistic about cleaning the skunk. The skunk has a lot of particularities in preparation and skinning. They seem to enjoy the cooked skunk but on the more of day 17 Karen wakes up to something crawling on her.

By day 19, the team comes together to catch and kill a lizard. When they eat the lizard, they taste a little skunk and the worry begins to set in. Has the lizard eaten some of the old skunk meat? That evening, the team suffers from diarrhea and on day 20 they are barely hanging on.

Matt is still having a hard time with gas and diarrhea. Karen is pretty weak as well but optimistic. Matt is scared of having to tap out.

On extraction day, Matt and Karen are ready to go however they have barely any energy. They decide to take the steeper but shorter route. They need to be careful on the hike as a cobra could stop them in their tracks.

They have a really hard time moving and Karen's toes begin bleeding. Matt says Karen's attitude changed and she wasn't communicating as well anymore.

They continue on and eventually they come to the trunk. They have completed the challenge and Karen finishes with a PSR of 7.2 while Matt finishes with a PSR of 7.2.

"Contamination" was a pretty incredible installation in the Naked and Afraid series. It really showed two different personalities that slowly clashed but for the most part they were ready for the challenge.

It almost makes you wonder what's next for this season. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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