Is Honora Bowen of 'Naked and Afraid' Outing The Show for Being Fixed and Contestants?

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On the "Naked and Afraid XL" challenge Honora Bowenstood out as one of the most controversial contestants, now it looks like she might be outing the validity of the show and some of the contestants.

On September 2 Honora Bowen penned a blogpost that was directly related to honesty and may have outed the "Naked and Afraid" show in the process.

"We can take the lessons we learn from acting and apply them to many different aspects of personal insights. For many, this would be an heightened ability to act in 'real' situations, aka, to be dishonest.

For others, this could be an heightened ability to perceive differences in personalities or thought processes," said Bowen in her Blog Post.

Bowen then broke into a story about how she was told to call the magnifying glass she was provided with by production her "dad's magnifying glass." She said she was in a situation where she was starving and still had to "pretend that an inanimate object had a sentimental value" to her.

"This is something that kind of goes along with the honest but flawed theme. I mean, it's self preservation," Bowen continued in her post.

"This is the kind of situation that pushes me to be dishonest.

I am starving on camera for a reality show and my father's death is being exploited. What would you do if you found alcohol and potato chip crumbs? I'll be damned if you say you wouldn't do the same thing."

"Colombia sort of had a similar thing happen....I went on a walk one day and found a medic tent over a mile away from camp. No one was around.

What did I find there? A small box of Emergen-C. That is right. Foolishly, I shared these with my partners, of course, and of course they partook of them."

Bowen is referring to her partners Chris Fischer and Luke McLaughlin who completed the "Naked and Afraid XL" 40 Day challenge.

In episode four of season five, Bowen tapped out following a heated argument with her teammates Chris and Luke which promtped her to throw their tools in a watering hole.

Now, just a day before a "Naked and Afraid XL" special called "XL: Dirty Dozen Return," Bowen has now outed some of her fellow contestants for allegedly stealing food from the evening medics.

On her private Instagram account and Twitter account, Bowen has posted a few photos (below) that would are alluding to the fact that he may have allegedly cheated during the challenge.

Lewis did not actually make it to the end of the challenge so how could him stealing food benefit him in the challenge if he failed to complete it?

"As I was threatened with lawsuits for talking about these things earlier this summer, I can only assume that this stuff absolutely must fall into the category mentioned on my contract that covers 'creative processes' of the show.

Hence, they should be talked about, regardless," Bowen said in a Facebook post in which she's promoting a Q&A session.

Well, according to the Facebook post below, Bowen will be holding a Q&A session on Monday following the reunion special on Sunday September 6, which Empty Lighthouse will have a full recap of, to air out all of the questions fans might have after she dispensed some pretty shocking information.

Join me for a LIVE Q&A EVENT, Monday at 1 PM Eastern/ 10 AM Pacific Time. We will be focusing on the topics mentioned on...

Posted by Honora Bowen on Friday, September 4, 2015

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