'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Cassie & Greg' Season 5 Episode 2, 'Frozen in Fear'

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As Discovery's Naked and Afraid continues its wild season, Cassie Turner and Greg Wells get naked and take on some cold temperatures in Canada, where they prepare themselves for what will be the most challenging 21 days of their life.

Cassie Turner (Instagram) is a 23-year-old female from Honolulu, Hawaii who works as a marine biologist. Cassie (Blog) is single and doesn't feel embarrassed about getting naked at all. She begins with a PSR of 6.7. She is more concerned about embarrassing her family and says it will be more interesting for them than it will be for her.

She strips down and has sorry nana written on her butt.

She will have a lot of work cut out for her if she intends on making it 21 days Naked and Afraid.

Cassie (Facebook) works in deep sea research and her skills include, "primitive hunting and trapping, shelter building and primitive fire-making."

"Cassie grew up in a rural area of Arkansas where primitive survival was the norm. Her childhood was spent mostly outdoors hunting, fishing, and exploring the over one hundred acres of forest surrounding her childhood home," according to Discovery.

Greg Walls is a 35-year-old male who works as an electronic warefare specialist. Greg is from Pleasant View, Tennessee and happens to be married. He begins with a PSR of 7.2. He seems worried that his partner might be a blonde because he is sacred she might be on the bit of the dumb side.

Imagine what his surprise is going to be when he sees Cassie.

It's still early to tell if Greg or his partner have what it takes to survive in Canada, however, he will have to get past the fact that his partner is blonde.

His skills include, "shelter building, primitive fire and hunting."

"Greg's interest in the outdoors and survival started in his youth, from camping and hunting with his parents and grandparents starting when he was five years old.

He grew up spending most of his time camping and hunting, when he was not playing sports or in school," according to Discovery.

Greg is not happy when he sees that Cassie is blonde. The meeting is a bit awkward and they address the fact that it's a cold day out. Cassie says she is excited because Greg looks warm.

The team will have to battle potential hypothermia and big game like bears and moose. They have a cooking pot, machete and para-cord.

Cassie is not happy when she doesn't see a fire starter, however, Greg is confident in his fire skills.

They map out their destination and begin the move near a small stream and beaver pond. They don't seem to have trouble walking but they do run into bear and moose droppings. Cassie seems a little worried and they run into some a bear. They immediately choose a different route but they end up right where they want to be.

The water in the pond needs to be purified before drinking it. Cassie and Greg are thinking about fire and shelter from what is looking like a cold night.

They find a good spot on a granite rock face where it is a bit drier.

Greg starts working on a fire with a bow drill but it doesn't seem to be working at all. Cassie is frustrated because they have no fire or shelter and it will be dark soon. Greg is a bit calmer about night. Cassie and Greg decide to skip sleeping to avoid hypothermia.

They realize that fire is a must. The next day it's pretty foggy and there is no sun to help them warm up.

Cassie is really trying to stress fire and they decide to reinforce the shelter and get a fire going. In the meantime they have berries to snack on.

It looks like Greg isn't able to get the fire going and he is pretty disappointed in himself. Cassie understands that Greg is trying very hard but she is frustrated that he can't get it to work. They are dehydrated and decide to use moss with iodine to purify the water.

Cassie drinks the water and they both agree it tastes pretty bad.

They decide to relocate away from the rocks and the team has a bit of a back and forth when it comes to setting up near moose poop or move to where hypothermia can get worst.

At night the team gets a visitor, it's a chipmunk. They joke that they will probably end up eating him. That night the rain begins and it makes for a miserable night.

Cassie says she doesn't think they are going to make it but they survived to day three. Cassie doesn't know how much longer they can make it without fire.

Greg finds as much flammable materials he can find in order to start a fire and when they have a flicker of hope, it all goes out.

Greg decides to get some pine sap on the kindle and nothing happens. Once again fire is not happening and to make matters worst another storm rolls in. The rain stops and they can hear footsteps. It happens to be a moose.

They try to stay as quiet as they can to avoid getting stomped. By the morning they have to recreate their shelter to make sure the animals don't come close again.

Greg and Cassie decide to go after Monster, their local chipmunk. They miss the chance to get him but vow to get him.

By day 5 they are extremely cold and haven't had much to eat. They decide to use cedar board to use in order to maintain their fire once they get a spark. Everything goes well until the fire goes out again and Greg is extremely frustrated. Greg says it really sucks try to get a fire started.

At night the temperature dips and Cassie tries to get Greg to stay awake. When he doesn't answer her she gets worried.

In the morning Cassie says Greg almost came down with hypothermia and he says that she literally saved his life. He tells her how much he appreciated it and it brought them closer.

They decide to work as a team much more and Greg says Cassie is not like any blonde he has ever met before. The shelter looks phenomenal and now it's time to try to get a fire started again. At last they manage to get the fire started and they couldn't be happier. Cassie begins rounding up frogs for dinner along with, lake veggies and black berries.

The partnership is flourishing and they seem to be rolling along by day 7. There is a storm rolling in and they are forced to stock up on firewood. However, the rain seems to be much more than they anticipated.

Cassie and Greg are protecting their fire against a storm and a cold front. Greg says he has never been in a situation like this before. They are running out of firewood and they now have to throw their bedding in. They manage to keep the fire alive and survive a three-day storm.

They are tired, weakened and hungry. They decide to make a couple of deadfall traps while collecting acorns to eat.

They have to be rinsed and roasted before being okay for humans to consume. They both hate the taste but it's all they have so far.

That night they hear something above their camp but survive the morning. They see that Cassie's trap deployed but there as nothing there. Cassie almost got lucky with a fish but she lost it. On day 17 Monster continues to eat all of their berries and mocks them by standing on the traps.

Greg misses the first and second shot at monster. It's another rough nice to day 19 and the hunger is setting in.

Greg manages to catch a small snake. He calls out to Cassie for the machete and they rejoice after the kill.

They snack on the snake and really seem to enjoy it. It's extraction day and Cassie puts on some body paint to get ready. Monster manages to stay alive and they say goodbye before chopping through the woods.

They reach rougher and rougher terrain but come up to a big lake where they can see their ride out.

The airplane lands and the team has make it through to the end. Greg ends with a PSR of 8.0 and Cassie ends with a PSR of 7.8.

Naked and Afraid's "Frozen in Fear" was just as chilling as the episode title would suggest. The difficulty getting a fire started was very detrimental.

This season looks to be taking a more home-front approach in terms of the settings. Will that change? Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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