Movie Review: 'Vacation,' It's Better When It All Goes Wrong

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The Vacation torch is being passed from father to son in the Griswold family.

The new movie hits theaters today (July 29) and if you're fans of the old movies or just looking for a laugh, this is the movie for you.

The movie starts out clearly defines that it will be a different movie from the past ones. Ed Helms plays the Griswold son, all grown up.

He's looking for a way to change up the summer vacation that's grown stale.

Ignoring countless hints for Paris, he decides that his old trip to Wally World would be the best choice to recreate with his family.

Now on a level of never seeing the original Vacation movies, or at least seeing them so long ago that one can't remember them, the movie was really enjoyable.

As a comedy, the movie delivered. There were only a few jokes that didn't produce a chuckle. Most has the whole theater dying with laughter.

The sewage section though, not really a spoiler since it's in every promotional video for the film, was funny in the context of how mortifying it was.

Honestly, those with a sensitive stomach should just cover their eyes for that scene and not think on it too hard. But don't let it be the reason you won't go see the film.

The sons, Kevin (Steele Stebbins) and James (Skyler Gisondo), were the best characters. The dynamic between the two was already comedic with the younger brother bullying the older brother.

Actually, the younger brother seemed to get a kick out of picking on pretty much anyone.

James has a lot of attributes of an awkward aspiring band musician, that keeps six different journals and gets nervous around girls. Watching the brother's dynamic change throughout the film is one of the funniest aspects of the movie.

Stone Crandall (Chris Hemsworth) and the Trucker (Norman Reedus) are scene stealers. They are those side characters that pop up for only a few minutes of the movie but will be one of the highlights you remember when thinking back on it later.

Crandall's a rancher man with a thing for faucets who might not really understand how to take care of cows. The trucker, well that'd be giving too much away, you just gotta trust that it'll make you laugh.

There isn't very much to complain about with this movie. Chevy Chase's scenes weren't actually very funny when compared to the rest of the movie, so don't hold your breath for that. Oh, the music is pure gold.

Who ever chose the songs and where to put them is brilliant.

Could have done without the cow bit, you'll know it when you see it, but that's probably a more personal choice. Altogether, this movie will have your abs hurting and lungs struggling for air because you laughed so much.

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