'Married By Mom And Dad' TLC Season 2 Episode 2: Devin Did What To The Wedding Planner?

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Tonight was the second episode of season 2 of TLC's Married By Mom And Dad.

Married By Mom and Dad: Devin Duggan

We start off again with Devin Duggan. Devin's parents are discussing which woman to pick. They meet up again with Ursula, and pop the question. Ursula says "yes" and says she's "so happy."

Devin goes to meet with ihs wedding planner, Brittany. They are planning a Great Gatsby theme.

We find out that Devin "f--- the wedding planner." He met her on a dating app and had "a few wild nights together, and now they're friends. But Devin says that's in the past.

Last week we learned that Devin had texted with Ursula, and he doesn't like her.

He says "if that's the girl that they're gonna pair me with," he doesn't know if he wants to get married. He doesn't find Ursula attractive.

Devin meets with his parents, and he tells them Ursula isn't his type -- even though at this point he doesn't know whom his parents picked.

Devin has a bachelor party, with lots of women -- including the wedding planner, Brittany, who claims she broke it off with Devin.

A hurricane is coming, and there are some issues with travel for guests. Both Ursula and Devin are concerned about the hurricane.

We meet Ursula's parents, who are unhappy about not knowing what was going on before. They're very upset that they're not involved. Her mom says "I feel like we're in Pakistan or something."

Married By Mom and Dad: Bethany Layton

We then return to Bethany Layton, who is now trying to get her parents to work together on this project.

The first guy they meet is Billy Hall. The parents like him because they think he's sweet and caring.

Their "date" is a fishing trip. Billy says table manners are important to him (?), which is apparently Bethany believes that as well.

The parents want to make sure that Billy is Christian. Billy is Catholic, which surprises Bethany's parents, who are Evangelical.

Next, Bethany's parents meet a guy named Matt. They take a hayride with him, and he reveals that he had a previous broken engagement.

That concerns Bethany's parents. They do like that Matt is a Christian and went to a Christian school.

Married By Mom And Dad: Marissa Salviano

Marissa's dad sets up a date with the first guy, Jeff, at a gun range. His first impression of Jeff was that he's "pansyish." Jeff says he's doing this on a whim.

Jeff isn't currently working. Matt doesn't think Jeff is serious; he threatens Jeff.

The episode ends with Devin standing at the altar while Ursula begins walking down the aisle.

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