The Flash Season 5 Episode 7 Review: 'O Come, All Ye Thankful'

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With Thanksgiving season upon us, this week's episode of The Flash was all about parenting and families. The main theme was about taking care of your loved ones. 

A recurring thing that happens in this episode is that Nora Allen is scared of her dad dying.

Sure he's a superhero, but Nora Allen does not want him to be The Flash if he's going to die someday saving lives.

Barry Allen knows he cannot give up being The Flash because Central City still needs him.

The only reason Nora is so paranoid is because a flash of lightning nearly kills Barry in the middle of the episode and she needed to resuscitate him using her hands.

I understand Nora's point of view, although it does feel a bit selfish of her not wanting Barry Allen to be The Flash.

Sure he puts his life in danger, but that's part of what being a superhero is like. Nora eventually learns that by the end of the episode, although she may not feel comfortable forever.

This week's villain of the week was a female super-villian going by the nickname of Weather Witch. Team Flash thinks she wants to break out her father from prison, but in reality she just wants to kill him!

She has a special staff like a weather vane that allows her to control storms and lightning.

You could say she's the DC's own version of Storm from the X-Men. That said, she is not a metahuman herself as it's her staff that has the powers.

The team of The Flash and XS easily foils Weather Witch's plan and it is at that moment Nora knows how important The Flash is.

He simply cannot give up the mantle as too many people depend on him to make everyone in Central City safe from danger.

This week's side story takes a look at Cicada's past.

We find out that his real name is Orlin Dwyer and the little girl he takes care of is his niece named Grace. Even though he's her uncle, he slowly becomes a father figure to her.

I find it interesting that Orlin Dwyer didn't even want to take care of Grace in the first place.

It wasn't until Grace yelled at him that he decided to be a better person and take care of her like a real father would.

The only problem I have with this week's episode is that I feel the show is giving us too many details about Cicada's origin story.

Usually I like mysterious bad guys as they're more intriguing - but telling us the whole story of his origin kind of ruins his mystique just a little bit.

The only reason he becomes a metahuman killer is because the Enlightenment that Clifford DeVoe did last season injures both himself and Grace.

Grace is still in hospital thanks to the incident, so Orlin Dwyer becomes Cicada in order to get revenge on every metahuman he can find.

While I understand why Orlin wants to kill metahumans, I still think his plan is a bit dumb.

If there's anyone to blame, it's Clifford DeVoe that ruined his life in the first place. He shouldn't be out there killing other metahumans that had nothing to do with the Enlightenment.

While this week's episode of The Flash featured too much drama scenes and little action sequences, it was still an interesting episode about the importance of life and family.

I just felt Cicada's origin story could have been better as his motivation to kill metahumans feels flawed in my opinion.

Verdict: 7.0/10

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