Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 Review/Recap

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Another episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has aired and things are not getting easier for our heroes. The villains this week show a new ability, and they also reveal more of their evil intentions.

As seen in the last episode, a brother and sister team of Androids have invaded Universe 6 and Vegeta and Trunks have arrived to try and help them out.

Things don't go according to plan because the Androids have used a new ability.

The Androids can steal the bodies of people and control them.

We see this when the villains steal the bodies of Kale and Caulifa. Hit, Vegeta and Trunks have to fight them off and find a way to get the Saiyans back to normal.

As expected, the Androids with their new bodies are pretty much unstoppable. The heroes need to get rid of them if they want a chance to save Universe 6.

Vegeta comes up with a reckless plan that nearly kills his comrades. He does a Final Flash in order to scare the Androids away from the bodies of the Saiyan females.

While this stupid plan works, the fireball nearly kills Hit, Trunks, Kale and Caulifa. His plan wasn't thought out properly, although the Androids in the end did escape from the bodies.

Before their fight can commence, one of Zamasu's other followers named Hearts appears.

He wants to basically rule the entire multiverse by overthrowing Zen-Oh and every other god. He wants to reshape the universe in his own image similar to Zamasu's plan in Dragon Ball Super.

In order to do that, he asks the Universe 6 fighters who the strongest mortal is. He reads the mind of Hit who says Jiren is the most powerful mortal to date.

Jiren is actually occupied already because Cumber has come to Universe 11. Cumber has already gotten rid of Toppo and now he has a big showdown with Jiren awaiting him.

Before the episode ends, we see Goku in another place wearing the same clothes as the Great Priest. It is implied that the Great Priest is training Goku indicating that he will get stronger in the episodes to come.

As always, the 8 minute long episodes feel too short although I did not mind this week's episode. The only thing I did not like was Vegeta's reckless plan, although thankfully none of his teammates got badly hurt.

I'm interested to see future episodes as Jiren vs Cumber could be an awesome fight. Not to mention Goku might show us some new powers thanks to his new training tutor!

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