Taika Waititi Explains Why He Won't Direct A Star Wars Movie

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New Zealand director, Taika Waititi is making a name for himself in Hollywood since Thor: Ragnarok has been a hit with critics so far.

However, the talented director does not want to take a crack at a Star Wars movie as he feels he's not suitable.

Taika Waititi was interviewed by the New York Times and he doesn't think Lucasfilm will accept his style of direction. After all, Waititi is an expert in comedy films and he might not fit right with the Star Wars universe. The director also joked that he might be fired quickly.

He said : "Lolz, I like to complete my films. I'd be fired within a week. That particular franchise seems really hard...There's not much room for someone like me."

He says that Marvel Studios gives him more creative control. He was able to put his own spin for Thor: Ragnarok.

He further commented: "They want new voices and different ways of telling stories...All the work to do with actors, all the rescripting stuff in the moment -- that's what I want to do, really.

I'm always going to leave the CG stuff up to someone else".

The only Star Wars movie I think Taika Waititi might be good at directing is a Boba Fett film. Waititi could potentially work with Temuera Morrison who is also a New Zealander.

That said, a Boba Fett movie would be out of Waititi's element since it would hardly need any comedy in it.

It has been rumored for many years that Lucasfilm wants to make a solo Boba Fett movie, but nothing has been officially announced yet. Hopefully it gets made in the near future as the character is still very popular.

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