'Catfish' MTV: 'Lexi & Ray' Recap Too Many Lexi's to Count

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The fifth season of MTV's "Catfish" is really rolling along, with some intense episodes.

Tonight, Ray is seeking the help of Max Joseph and Nev Schulman to figure out if Lexi has been catfishing him the whole time during their relationship.

On episode seven of season five the guys encounter Ray, a 19-year-old male from Las Vegas, who has been dating Lexi Valenzuela, a girl he met online from Phoenix, Arizona. The relationship has lasted four years and Ray believes that his heart has finally been stolen by someone. However, as most "Catfish" do, Lexi gives him the run around when it comes to seeing each other in person.

They haven't video chatted with each other and they live four hours away but still have not met. They are older so driving is no longer an excuse.

The relationship has come under serious stress because and now Ray wants answers.

Ray has actually moved from Las Vegas to Chicago. Then he reveals that Lexi is now living in Iowa. He says that it's almost like Lexi is his shadow. Ray says when they got older they began getting into little fights and at some points she would go M.I.A. However, they would start talking again like nothing happened. Ray is starting a new life and he wants Lexi to be a part of it. After talking to Ray, Schulman and Joseph decide that they will in fact try to help Ray out with his problem.

Get ready, Lexi. We won't stop until we connect you with Ray.

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Upon meeting up with Ray, Schulman and Joseph learn some pretty interesting facts about Ray and Lexi's relationship. This includes the fact that Ray sent a full frontal nude photo to Lexi, however, she has not exchanged any with him. Ray says there is no reason why she shouldn't know what he looks like naked.

Ray also revealed that Lexi has an older sister and a younger sister. The funny part in all of this is their names happen to be Alexia and Lexa.

If that isn't the strangest trio of names for siblings you've ever heard then we don't know what is.

Schulman reacts as if Ray should have known better after hearing the names, but Ray says he has seen the older sister on Facebook. Lexi sent Ray a message accusing him of messing around when her sister Alexia created profiles to see if he was playing her sister.

However, Lexi apologized and came clean about it all. Ray says he is still chasing Lexi because of his feelings and the fact that he is still curious about what she is like in person.

The guys get as much information as they are going to need and set off to get to the bottom of Lexi's identity. It all seems so confusing to Schulman and Joseph that they actually need a pen and notepad.

The guys start digging and with a couple of image searches they don't find anything.

They do a couple of searches for Alexis Valenzuela and come across one profile that seems a little too young, another that doesn't quite fit, one from Japan and a few Twitter handles that get them nowhere.

So instead of using what they don't know to uncover who Lexi could be, the guys use her sister, Alexia as their means of research.

They check out Alexia's page and it looks relatively real to them. They come across a photos of Alexia and a guy name Jesse so naturally, Schulman and Joseph decide to contact him and see if he can tell them anything about Alexia or "her sisters." They have no real answers that prove that Lexi does or doesn't exist.

The guys on "Catfish" are genuinely confused about this one. The guys get a reply from Jesse who says he is available to talk.

The guys call up Jesse and let him know what the situation is. They tell Jesse how they found him and he says he knows her for sure. He says he knows her through Facebook but not on a personal level. He tried to meet her plenty of times but she never wanted to meet up.

He also says that she wanted to be referred to as Lexi or Lex. He also reveals that she changed her name multiple times to Lexa as well.

So, Lexi is all three sisters and she is using two of the accounts to see if guys are cheating on her. This is nuts.

The guys discuss Ray's situation and arrive at his place to break the news. They tell Ray that they have some stuff to show him. They couldn't find anything on Lexi so they moved on to Alexia. Ray already seems to know what he is in for when he hears about Jesse.

They reveal that Jesse and Ray have a similar story. To Jesse she was all three of the sisters.

Ray doesn't see any of it making sense and the guys say all of the information points to the fact that they have no idea who he is talking to. Schulman decides to give Lexi a call and she answers.

He explains the situation and tries to test out her trust with her name. She doesn't bite and Schulman reveals that Ray wants to meet her. He asks if she wants to meet Ray but she says she doesn't know if she is ready to meet him.

She says she is still trying to get things situated. Schulman says the best thing she can do is deal with the situation so that Ray knows he no longer needs to put his life on hold.

He tells her that she should think about Ray and what's best for him, and Lexi agrees to meet up for Ray's sake. Lexi confirms that she is in Iowa and Schulman says they will coordinate a meet up.

Schulman returns with the good news that Lexi is willing to meet up. Ray realizes that anything can happen at this point but is up for meeting Lexi. In the morning the guys get a text message from Lexi who says she is scared but she supposes it's time.

Later on in the morning they hop on a plane and fly out to Iowa.

When they arrive in Des Moines, Ray is very nervous as they are just four minutes away. They come up to the house and the anxiety sets in.

Schulman handles the knocking and a girl answers the door. She says that Lexi is not there because she got nervous and left. She says she is Lexi's sister Lexa, however they aren't blood sisters. Schulman doesn't seem to believe the girl who says Lexi flaked.

She adamantly denies being Lexi and offers to tell Lexi that they came by. Schulman leaves it at that and reports the news to Ray.

Ray thinks the sisters are real but Schulman says it was weird. He says either they just met her or she's just not there.

Schulman believes that the girl was being super weird but they have no way of knowing if she was actually telling the truth. There are all sorts of conspiracies going on but Schulman and Joseph don't want to let this Catfish get away. Ray gets a call and they all answer. It's Lexi who tells Ray she went out to think and got the message from her sister.

She apologizes and says that she won't be back until tomorrow. Ray asks her what time and she hangs up.

Schulman realizes it's a different voice and they feel like this could be good news, however, they need to be careful or else they could miss a chance at meeting her.

The next day Ray says he hasn't heard anything back, and Joseph tells Schulman he should try calling from his phone. Schulman gets through to Lexi and tells her that Ray is still open to meeting. Lexi says she doesn't want to let him down and decides that today is the day.

Schulman makes her promise that she will open the door when he knocks this time. They head out to the house again and Ray has to feel the anxiety once again. They arrive and Schulman knocks on the door again.

The same girl answers and Schulman says hello again. They girl tells Schulman that Lexi isn't there again and asked Lexa to come down and talk to them. Schulman says that she has to in fact be Lexi and she finally admits to it after all of the running around.

Ray is shocked to find out that Lexi is actually Marlayna. Ray demands answers after giving Marlayna four years of his time.

Marlayna invites them into her house and Ray is holding his hands to his head. She says she didn't do any of it on purpose and she was trying to end it.

Ray says she wasted his time and she revealed she was never going to tell him that she was not Lexi. Ray doesn't see how it's not intentional if she kept the whole story going. Marlayna says she doesn't know what he wants to hear and Joseph detects an attitude in Marlayna.

He asks her to drop the attitude and tell her side of the story. She said she made the account when she was 14 because she wasn't happy with who she was.

She began crying and revealed she was teased for being black.

She pretended to be someone else to get away from being who she was. She found herself clicking with Ray and finding a comfort zone. She lied about the sisters to make it sound real and admitted to changing her voice on the phone. She actually knows the girls in the profile but they don't know she was using their photos.

She says that her feelings for Ray fell off. Schulman says it should have been easier for her to come clean but she says she didn't want to hurt Ray's feelings.

Marlayna apologizes to Ray and the guys say that growing up is tough and it's frustrating that the people who are hurt the most end up hurting others.

Ray says he hopes Marlayna gets past this and never does it again.

The guys leave Marlayna's house and Ray seems happier. The guys crack a joke about Ray's nudes to break the tension.

A couple of months later, Ray hasn't heard from Marlayna. Marlayna says she does think about Ray sometimes and she felt bad for putting him through all of that.

Marlayna says she became a better her and said she felt bad about lying to them as well.

The story of Ray and Lexi might have been one of the most confusing episodes of the "Catfish" season thus far.

There were far too many names to keep track of but you could never really guess what the outcome of the episode could be.

Will people ever learn the signs needed to avoid being "Catfished?" You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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