Artist Feature: Dylan Egon

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Dylan Egon is a mixed-media artist based out of New Jersey.

Whether crafting collages with paint, foil, and a myriad of found objects, creating silk screens and sculptures, or (more recently) designing furniture, Egon's work addresses such themes as pop culture, consumerism, religion, and the impermanence of nature.

Characterized by simple compositions, a limited color palette, and meticulous--indeed, obsessive--line work, his pieces are usually pretty easy to identity. They are both very iconic and very American.

While attending college, Egon studied Anthropology, Archaeology, as well as Film--all of which find a way into his art. He tends to incorporate images of bones and animals into his work, displaying a fascination with nature and decomposition.

Often placed against these images are found objects, like vintage Coca-Cola bottles, packs of Marlboro cigarettes, and Fender guitars.

This juxtaposition of pop culture objects and natural imagery--man-made and organic--creates a curious tension; both are relics of a life once lived and yet, they are so wholly opposed.

Egon will be showing his work at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City in a solo exhibition titled, "American Holy Relics." The exhibition will run from April 5th to May 3rd.

You can read more about Egon and his upcoming exhibit here: