Brooklyn Zine Fest Wraps Up

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Today is the last day to attend the Brooklyn Zine Fest--an annual exhibit held at Brooklyn's Historical Society in New York.

There, local creative people set up tables and booths, sharing self-published zines about writing, illustration, photography, music, cooking, skating, and just about anything.

Featuring over 150 participants, the Brooklyn Zine Fest provides a perfect opportunity to connect with other artists, network, get inspired, or just take in a lot of cool zines!

The Fest opened yesterday and had quite an impressive turnout. Like NYC's annual MoCCA Fest, BZF is only a weekend long, so if you're lucky enough to be in the area, I suggest you check it out! It is free to attend, and open to all ages.

Apart from the exhibitors, there will also be discussion panels and other events taking place throughout the day, including a talk about collecting zines and the drawbacks and perks of maintaining anonymity in the zine world.